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Zib's band has been a standard at Lackadaisy since before Atlas was killed and Lackadaisy went into decline. Sometime prior to Mitzi's involvement with Atlas, the band was known as "The Dixie Drifters Jazzing Orchestra".[1] The band's current and past members include Zib on saxophone, Rocky on violin, a pianist named Mozzie, Ben on double bass, Sy on trumpet, J.J. on trombone and Mitzi on ukulele.[2] Rocky joined the band in 1925.[3]

Zib seems to take care of his musicians to some degree, as in "Hallelujah" he asks Mitzi whether he should be using his pay to purchase train tickets for them.

In the comic

Volume 1

In "Overture", Mitzi asks Rocky to have the band assist him with unloading the alcohol he has procured from Captain Kehoe.

"Kibitz" establishes that the band seem rather lazy, or at least averse to hurting themselves through manual labor. Nonetheless, they accompany Rocky back toward the garage.

With Rocky and Zib in the lead, the band approaches the garage via the trapdoor in "Blindside". When they realize there is a firefight in progress between Viktor and the pig farmers, the group retreats with the farmers in pursuit. They almost run over Ivy and Freckle as they return to Lackadaisy in "Wishy-washy".

Volume 2

"Loggerheads" establishes that Mitzi was a member of the band at some point in the past, as both a singer and ukulele player. Asa offers to let Mitzi and the band perform at the Marigold Room.

In "Mata Hari", Zib tries to convince Mitzi to leave St. Louis with him and the rest of the band, though they are interrupted by the arrival of Virgil.

The band is shown performing at the Marigold Room in a flashback in "Bygones", as Bobby relates Defiance's past involvement with Atlas, Mordecai and Viktor to Ivy. Mitzi is still a member of the band at this point in time, though Atlas has a clear interest in her.


"Adventures" depicts the band, including Zib and Mitzi, after a night apparently involving a great deal of alcohol. One member does not recall that they are in Louisiana, their trombone player has apparently left a portion of his instrument in the fountain, and Zib has smeared lipstick on his own face.

The band, including Zib and Rocky, appear in a New Year's picture taken in Lackadaisy in 1926, shown in "New Year".


According to Tracy, the band's music is reminiscent of, "things like Fuller’s Jazz Band/ Original Dixieland Jazz Band (some white guys who basically stole jazz), early Louis Armstrong, King Oliver with a mix of Jelly Roll Morton...I imagine them having had an interesting sound of their own resulting from some dixieland and barrelhouse influence acquired while traveling around the South and playing in any old dive that would have them, then eventually settling into playing popular arrangements of the day in St. Louis to keep an audience as consistently pleased as possible".[4]