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Dorian Zibowski
First appearance in comic

"Introduction 3"
First appearance with dialog


February 15
Place of Birth

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age at start of comic

Nickname(s) Zib
Gender Male
Occupation Musician
Relatives Unnamed Older and Younger Brother

Dorian "Zib" Zibowski[1] is the leader of a band that performs regularly at Lackadaisy. Despite the decline of Lackadaisy since the death of Atlas, the band continues to perform there.

In the comic

Volume 1

Zib first appears in a photograph in "Introduction 3", though his first appearance with dialog is in "Hallelujah", in which he is shown with the other members of the band. Rocky tells Zib that he has to leave to pick up booze from Captain Kehoe. Zib asks Rocky why he started running hooch, but they are distracted by a broken string on Rocky's violin before he answers. After Zib gives Rocky leave to depart, Zib asks Mitzi whether, based on Lackadaisy's poor patronage, he should be using his pay to buy train tickets for the band. Mitzi accuses Zib of being "dramatic". Shortly thereafter Wick, Church and their associates arrive. Zib calls it sad that, "old friends", are now, "in (Mitzi's) crosshairs". Mitzi calls Zib an, "incorrigible pessimist". Despite Mitzi assuring Zib that, "it's not like that", Zib appears unconvinced.

In "Kibitz", Zib and the other members of the band are none-too-enthused to help Rocky retrieve the liquor he procured from Captain Kehoe that is currently in the garage. Zib notes that Rocky's enthusiasm for helping is "unsettling", and advises Rocky not to get too enthusiastic about his work for Mitzi.

Zib and Rocky return to the garage via the trapdoor in "Blindside"; this distraction unfortunately enables the pig farmers to shoot Viktor. Zib, Rocky and the band return to Lackadaisy in "Wishy-washy", almost running over Ivy and Freckle, and with the farmers in pursuit. In "Killjoy", Zib attempts to convince Mitzi to get everyone to leave Lackadaisy ahead of the pig farmers; when she resists he takes matters into his own hands, announcing that the speakeasy is being raided and pushing Ivy, Wick, Church and their associates out the door, though Mitzi refuses to go with them.

After Wick, Church and the others have left, Mitzi accuses Zib of ruining both what was left of Lackadaisy's reputation and her chances of persuading Wick's associates to invest in Lackaidasy in "Malarkey". Zib's sarcasm is in ample supply, as he in turn thanks Mitzi for injuring his foot when she closed the doors to Lackadaisy, then facetiously proclaims, "We're saved!" upon Mitzi's revelation of her small gun. Zib proceeds to inadvertently reveal that Viktor is "down" in the garage, which appears to genuinely concern Mitzi. With Rocky, Mitzi and Freckle, Zib flees for the storeroom in "Skedaddle".

They reach the storeroom in "Deadlock", only to realize that the lock has been picked and the guns are missing. After Rocky takes Mitzi's gun in order to defend the others and "fix this", Zib and Mitzi try to dissuade him, with Zib noting that with Rocky's tendency to flail his arms, he should not hold a firearm. After Freckle abruptly shoots Avery and runs off into the caverns with Avery's Tommy gun, laughing maniacally, in "Doolally", Zib appears unsettled; he's trembling and lighting a cigarette. Avril and Emery encounter Mitzi, Rocky and Zib, who is now carrying Mitzi's handgun, in "Whizbang". Zib throws Mitzi's handgun at Emery with negligible effect, and Avril in turn opens fire on them, causing Mitzi and Zib to flee in one direction while Rocky retreats in the other direction. Emery pursues Mitzi and Zib, but Freckle arrives and shoots him. Zib swiftly gets to work lighting another cigarette, then escorts Mitzi to the garage in "Lassitude", where they find that Doctor Quackenbush has removed the bullet from Viktor's chest and Wick is paying the bill.

Volume 2

In "Mystique", Mitzi encounters Zib loitering outside the entrace to Little Daisy. She is surprised to find him awake before dark, but he confesses that he has not slept since the events of the prior evening. Mitzi asks Zib to accompany her to the sleazy side of town, as she is a little tipsy after drinking wine with Wick earlier. Mitzi and Zib are the victims of an abortive mugging attempt via can opener by Virgil in "Backalley". Zib is acquainted with Virgil, and tells him that he would give Virgil money if he had any to give. After Mitzi reveals to Zib a blank check that she stole from Wick's company, Zib expresses concern regarding how Wick will react, but Mitzi assures him that Wick is too nice to take action against Mitzi. In "Vestige", Zib surprises Mitzi with his reluctance to accept the money from the cashed check. He reminds Mitzi that she told him they would not be "cashing friends in like poker chips", but she responds that she has no choice; she has already sold her house, cars and wedding china. Zib notes that she is still wearing a necklace, but Mitzi says that she could never get rid of it; it was the first gift she ever received from Atlas. Zib compares it to a leash, and inadvertently snaps the necklace when Mitzi pulls away while he is touching it. Though he apologizes, he does not move to assist her while she frantically grabs for the pearls. Rather, he tries to convince Mitzi that she should leave St. Louis with him and the band in "Mata Hari". They are interrupted by the return of Virgil, who has noticed the spilled pearls. When Mitzi tries to stop Virgil from taking the pearls a confrontation ensues. Though Zib tries to break them up, Mitzi ultimately claws Virgil's left eye, then kicks him in the chin in "Knee-jerk". While Mitzi is placing the pearls into a bag in "Blood-money", Zib approaches her and she reflexively elbows him before realizing who he is. Mitzi proceeds to offer him the cash from Wick's check again. When Zib expresses further ambivalence, Mitzi asks him why he is judging her given that he previously accepted blood money from Atlas without complaint. Zib replies that it is different now because it is coming from her; while he considered Atlas a villain, he never felt the same way about Mitzi. Mitzi appears unmoved by Zib's concerns, and he finally accepts the money from her before she departs. After Mitzi has left, Virgil asks Zib for a dollar.

In "Scapegoat", Zib is musing to Virgil regarding his past with Atlas and Mitzi, concluding that he needs to get out of St. Louis. When Virgil says that he is thirsty, Zib offers him liquor from a flask; because of Virgil's injuries Zib pours the flask into Virgil's mouth. The two are interrupted by the arrival of two police officers. Zib begins trying to explain what is going on, but then becomes defiant, pouring more of the liquor onto Virgil's face before chugging the remainder of it. After he suggests to the officers that he has solved their problem by consuming the liquor and tossing the flask aside, he proceeds to insult one of the cops.

Zib is next seen with Virgil in a holding cell in "Misdemeanor". One of the police officers present notes that Zib failed to show up in court in response to an outstanding bench warrant that resulted from Zib being picked up at a hop house; Zib notes that he probably overslept. Zib assures Virgil that he should be able to post bail for them with the cash he received from Mitzi, only to learn that the cops have stolen the money. Dom Drago overhears the conversation and tells Zib that he probably could not find a judge to arraign him until after the holiday weekend in any case. He also assures Zib that his money will be returned as long as it is on the level. Dom notes, in "Revenuer", that it is peculiar that Zib would have a large amount of cash given his appearance; Zib notes that he has a job as a saxophone player. That statement leads Dom to ask Zib whether he works for Marigold. Zib seems to be surprised by the insinuation that he works for a gin joint, but Dom asks where else a saxophone player would find employment; Zib concedes the point. Dom then notices Zib's Lackadaisy pin and seems almost amused, referring to Lackadaisy as, "the vanquished empire", and expressing surprise that it would still be in business. Zib claims that he is a gambler and the pin represents his preference for clubs, though he goes on to note that it has not been lucky for him lately. Dom tells Zib his name and that he works for the Treasury Department, and that he will overlook Zib's particular circumstances because he has larger targets currently before departing. Shortly after Dom leaves Zib tosses his Lackadaisy pin down a drain.

In a flashback in "Bygones", Zib can be seen performing with his band in the Marigold Room while Atlas and Asa speak companionably.


In "Tiny Narratives (Q&A)", Tracy states explicitly that Mitzi and Zib were more than platonic. They are shown regarding each other affectionately. It is also established that Zib can play the clarinet as well as the saxophone.

"Scrapbook" includes a picture of Zib with his band, including Mitzi, in Atlanta. The photo is dated 1921. "Bohemia Way" includes a picture of Mitzi and Zib with his arm around her, suggesting their former closeness.

"Adventures" depicts Zib's band, including Zib and Mitzi, after a night apparently involving a great deal of alcohol. One member does not recall that they are in Louisiana, their trombone player has apparently left a portion of his instrument in the fountain, and Zib has smeared lipstick on his own face.

Zib appears with the band in a New Year's picture taken in Lackadaisy in 1926, shown in "New Year".


An early color sketch of Zib can be seen in "Preview 0007". Other depictions are in "Preview 0014" and "Preview 0022". His fur pattern is somewhat based on a caracal.[2]

Zib was born on February 15, though the year is unknown.[1] Zib tends to tell those who ask that he is "forever 29".[3] Zib is from Milwaukee.[1] Zib has both an older and younger brother. He is the artistic black sheep.[4] Of his appearance, Tracy notes that, "Zib wears a suit of passionate red, but it's always unbuttoned and a little disheveled, like he's grown apathetic about it".[3] With regards to his voice, Tracy has stated that it, "Borders a bit on tired apathy, but livelier when given the opportunity to vent some of his underlying angst with sarcastic flair. There's probably a bit of a nonchalant, Jack Nicholson-esque drawl to his manner of speaking".[5]

Of his childhood, Tracy has stated that Zib, "was a habitual truant surrounded by slow-moving Polish ancestry, developing grand schemes and adopting controversial points of view under the spell of a phonograph’s dust and crackle".[6] According to Tracy, Zib did not complete his primary education.[2] Zib's interests include Eastern religions and philosophy, which he has droned on about in the past, but music is his greatest interest. He has above-average intelligence.[4] Regarding his favorite foods, Tracy notes that, "everything probably tastes like cigarettes to Zib by now, but he likes Italian food when he actually has an appetite". Zib carries a hip flask full of cheap liquor at all times.[2] Zib, "has probably taken in his share of Kierkegaard, Kant and Kafka. No doubt some Upton Sinclair as well, and I suspect he finds Dostoyevsky to his liking, even though he would have thought it a dour trudge if he'd had to read Crime and Punishment or The Brothers Karamozov in school".[3] According to Tracy, for Christmas Zib would like cigarette paper, bail bonds and better luck.[7]

Zib's personality and manner of dress could be described as "laid-back". In "Mystique", Mitzi expresses surprise at seeing Zib awake before nightfall. Unlike many of his associates, Zib does not wear a suit, and when he is wearing a tie it is generally only loosely fastened. He is a smoker.[8] Mitzi has said that Zib looks good wearing lipstick.[1] Zib is apparently impoverished at the time of the comic; he has been prodding Mitzi for his wages, and tells Virgil, an even more desperate acquaintance of his, that he does not have any money to give him.[9]

Zib plays the alto and tenor saxophones, as well as clarinet.[1]

Zib appears to be chivalrous enough that he will carry a handgun to protect Mitzi and Rocky rather than have them hold it, though his skill with firearms appears negligible; in "Whizbang" he throws a gun at an adversary rather than trying to shoot them. According to Mitzi, while working for Atlas, Zib would willingly accept blood money; he is less willing to do when Mitzi offers it to him, though he claims that is because he knew Atlas was a villian but did not think of her the same way.[10]

When stressed, Zib has a flair for sarcasm.[11] Despite his "cool cat" exterior, Zib appears to be easily rattled by violence; in "Doolally" he can be seen trembling and lighting a cigarette after Freckle has shot Avery and run off into the caverns while laughing maniacally; this behavior is repeated after Freckle shoots Emery in "Whizbang". Zib has trouble sleeping following the attack on Lackadaisy.[12]

There are some indications that Zib may have a taste for, or possibly addiction to, opium. In "Malarkey", Mitzi tells Zib that he needs to get his yen off, though it is unclear whether this is a reference to opium or a more general disparagement. Tracy has noted that Zib uses drugs to dull his moral qualms.[4]

Prior to "Skedaddle", Zib does not know where the storeroom is located.


Zib is depicted as a human in "Preview 0014", "Counterpart", "Zib Faces", "Scarf" and "Reverie".



"Vestige" hints that Zib may have had some disdain for Atlas, at least with regards to his relationship with Mitzi; he refers to the necklace that Mitzi received as a gift from Atlas as a leash. Zib later tells Mitzi that he considered Atlas a "villain" in "Blood-money".

Zib hates Atlas for knowing that Zib would not leave Mitzi, and believes that Atlas had a talent for "collecting strays" and serving as "sold ground".[13]


Zib appears to show some degree of deference to Ivy, calling her "Miss Pepper".[14]


Zib "found" Mitzi in Georgia and they ultimately came to Lackadaisy together.[10] Zib and Mitzi were involved with each other prior to her marriage to Atlas, as suggested in "Bohemia Way" and explicitly stated by Tracy in "Tiny Narratives (Q&A)". Zib's feelings for Mitzi are such that he stayed with Lackadaisy because she did.[13] Mitzi and Zib have been acquainted long enough that she is used to him bringing up "dismal philosophical discussions". Zib knows Mitzi's real first name, which may distinguish him from the other characters.[10] In "Killjoy", when Zib tries to convince her to evacuate Lackadaisy due to the impending invasion by the pig farmers, Mitzi initially thinks Zib is winding up for another such discussion. Their relationship is comfortable enough that Zib can good-naturedly rib Mitzi for not kissing Wick in "Mystique".

Zib calls Mitzi, "Martini Mitzi", in "Mystique" and expresses his surprise that Wick was able to out-drink her.

At some point in the past, Mitzi told Zib that they would not be "cashing friends in like poker chips"; he reminds Mitzi of this when Mitzi offers him money from a check she stole from Wick's company. She retorts that she has no choice at this point.[15] Zib ultimately accepts the money, but his opinion of Mitzi seems to have changed; he tells her that while he knew she married a villain, he did not consider her to be one.[10]


Zib seems to have a faintly paternal interest in Rocky, though not necessarily moreso than with regards to the other members of the band. He tries to learn why Rocky is working for Mitzi,[8] and later advises him not to become too involved with it.[16]

Zib has noted that Rocky should not wield firearms, given Rocky's tendency to flail his arms.[17]


Of Zib's origins, Tracy noted that he comes, "From music, mostly. He's like the emcee in my head whenever I'm listening to a lot of jazz and swing and such. My mother had a cat named Zibber at one point too, long before I was born. I stole and repurposed the name. ;P"[18]

In "Preview 0024", Tracy interviews Zib, asking whether or not he engages in some colorful euphemisms, leading him to believe that she is a hallucination. She then asks why he is wearing heels, but he has no answer for her.

In a forum post, Tracy illustrated how Zib's clothing contributes to his personality.[19]