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List of items that would be nice to have, here or on the LD main site-

  1. There's a break in the concept art on the main site, between Gallimaufry and Balderdash. (missing "Next" button when viewing the Gall... page).
  2. Pop-ups (ridiculous coding). Info here.
  3. Custom art which would be even more fun than the default images for templates.
  4. Custom art for the disclaimer. Tracy and I talked about that previously.
  5. Character art to be used for character pages (particularly in the infoboxes). Art added from the Characters page. Will "borrow" art from other areas as needed.
  6. Custom colors/backgrounds/fonts?
  7. Allow anyone to edit discussion pages, so that improvements can easily be suggested.
  8. Geography
  9. "List of Lackadaisy" Merchandise. Links to the store, availability info. - Partly done, added Merchandise link to main page and article.
  10. "Correspondence" - is full text of letters available?
  11. Link to RL Calvin from LD article[1] doesn't work.
  12. Character origin stories - this will probably need a stupid thread on the forum.
  13. Malarkey and the circus pic from "Scrapbook"
  14. Break in the sketches near the end. There's the detail, but the overall pic isn't linked correctly.