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Viktor Vasko
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"Introduction 3"
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Viktor Ladislav Vasko[1] is a member of the Lackadaisy crew. Though he is nominally the bartender, he was a triggerman under Atlas until he was injured in a confrontation with Mordecai.[2] He first appears in a photograph of the Lackadaisy regulars in "Introduction 3". Viktor is mentioned by Mitzi in "Formaldehyde", and appears in the comic in "Quantentheorie". As of "Spaghetti" he has worked for Lackadaisy for seven years.

In the comic

Volume 1

In "Formaldehyde", Mitzi sends Rocky and Ivy to find Viktor and seek his assistance in finding the car. She believes Viktor will be less likely to throttle Rocky in Ivy's presence.

In "Quantentheorie", Rocky and Ivy meet with Viktor in the garage. He appears to have either little patience or little understanding when they both speak to him simultaneously, as he hears noise rather than distinct words. Viktor observes that the padlock for the garage's entrance to the caverns has been opened, and is puzzled by this. Distracted by Rocky and Ivy, Viktor agrees to help Rocky retrieve the car and not kill Rocky.

In "Spaghetti", Viktor advises Rocky to quit as they drive to retrieve the car. He does not believe Rocky has a future in the business given his lack of muscles. Viktor notes that he has been working for seven years. Viktor (perhaps unintentionally) gives Rocky an idea for how to deal with the pig farmers, though he abruptly drops Rocky off at the car before hearing it.

Viktor next appears in "Growltiger", in his role as Lackadaisy's bartender. Mitzi and Horatio try to convince Viktor to wear a tuxedo, with a predictable lack of success. Viktor subsequently goes with Rocky to pick up booze from Captain Kehoe in "Hallelujah".

In "Bunny-box", Rocky and Viktor retrieve the liquor from Kehoe. Though Rocky seems to consider Mitzi to be a damsel in distress, Viktor disagrees, saying that Mitzi is, "vulnerable as like bear trap".

In "Drygulch", Viktor and Rocky return to the garage. After Rocky takes the trapdoor to Lackadaisy to find help bringing in the liquor, Viktor observes the pig farmers and Benjy Jessup approaching the garage with guns. Benjy and the farmers break into the garage and engage Viktor in a firefight in "Myopia".

Rocky and Zib return to the garage via the trapdoor in "Blindside"; this distraction unfortunately enables the pig farmers to shoot Viktor. In "Rowdydow", Viktor is almost shot by Benjy Jessup, who is making his way toward the exit when Ivy enters the garage. Seeing Viktor approaching, Benjy attempts to shoot him, but Ivy throws off his aim. Viktor subsequently punches him out, and in "Stranglehold" puts Benjy in a stranglehold. After realizing that Viktor has been shot, Ivy leaves to get assistance for him even though he claims...poorly...that he does not need it, and Benjy asks her not to leave. After Benjy states that he just wants to go to his truck and leave, Viktor states that it is now his truck.

Ivy returns to the garage in "Houdini", finding Viktor in a rare state of vulnerability. Ivy asks where Benjy has gone to, and after Viktor claims he let Benjy go, Ivy asks Viktor what really happened. Viktor then claims that Benjy vanished, only to have Ivy call him a bad liar, though she does not press the issue further. It seems evident that she has not noticed the tail sticking out of the back of the truck. By "Lassitude", Doctor Quackenbush has arrived and removed the bullet from Viktor's chest after heavily sedating him with chloral hydrate, in part because during a recent visit, Viktor almost removed Quackenbush's arms. Mitzi muses to a semi-conscious Viktor that it has been a bad year for him, between being shot in the chest and an injury to his good knee. Quackenbush advises Mitzi that Viktor may contract pneumonia, and that Wick paid for Quackenbush's visit.

Volume 2

Viktor is next seen in his apartment in "Cacophony", pushing the radio that Ivy turned on for him[3] off its shelf to stop it broadcasting. He is clearly in a weakened state, sitting in a chair and using a broom to move the radio rather than standing up. The temporary quiet is quickly broken by Ivy, Rocky and Freckle's arrival in "Deadeye". Though Viktor slams the door in their faces, Ivy persists in entering. After dropping magazines she picked up for Viktor in his lap, she introduces him to Freckle, declaring that they are dating. At that, Viktor directs his glare-beam at Freckle. In "Dotage", their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Bapka, Viktor's upstairs neighbor, who desires Viktor's assistance with her sink. When he is unable to get to his feet due to a coughing fit related to his injuries, Freckle and Ivy go in his place at Rocky's suggestion. Left alone with Viktor, Rocky asks, in "Defiance", where he can obtain quality alcohol, and Viktor directs him to Defiance.

In "Rhubarb", Ivy returns to Viktor's room after Freckle and Rocky have left. She asks him whether he is the reason that Chad is afraid of her, and he replies that, "Chad vas...bad". Ivy next asks about Claude, and Viktor states that, "Claude vas...flawed". Ivy proceeds to ask about Cecil, and Viktor says that Cecil was "no good". Ivy asks why Viktor has been sabotaging her social life when they are friends, but Viktor states that they are not friends and that she should not stay in St. Louis, especially given the events of the prior evening. Ivy asks whether Viktor is playing "concerned patriarch" only because he is bored due to his injuries keeping him from the activities he used to perform, but before he can respond she proclaims him a "monster" and leaves. In "Gallivant", Ivy yells to Viktor from outside his apartment that she is giving up on him.


Viktor was photographed in a military uniform along with other men in uniform. Said picture appears in "Scrapbook". He was fighting for the United States during World War I.[4] "Scrapbook" also reveals that on January 12, 1920 Viktor was arrested on multiple assault charges and a file was opened with the St. Louis Police Department. His address at the time was 1367-A N. Market.

"Sordid Sniffles" occurs shortly after Mordecai has shot and killed Sniffles in a car. According to Viktor he was a good driver who suffered from a sinus problem. Mordecai retorts that Sniffles's sinus problems were displeasing and he smelled a little bit like mayonnaise.

In "Valentino" Mordecai notices a woman making eyes at him, mistaking it for rudeness. Viktor corrects him and suggests that he give her a Valentino-like look in return. Mordecai's attempt is...unusual.

While driving together with The Poor Schmuck bound and gagged in the backseat of the car in "Quick-fix", Viktor and Mordecai get into an argument regarding the vehicle's symmetry, to the point that Viktor forgets he should be focusing on driving. The problem is resolved by removing The Schmuck from the equation.

The aftermath of a confrontation between Viktor and Mordecai and at least five other individuals is shown in "Massacre". Viktor and Mordecai are the only ones who are conscious. Though Mordecai is initially concerned about what emotional state he should be in following the fight, he is ultimately far more alarmed about his missing cufflinks.

In "Tannenbaum", Rocky encounters Viktor wearing a fuzzy green sweater given to him by Mrs. Bapka, a red tie given to him by Mordecai, a green-and-yellow hat and a yellow scarf both given to him by Ivy. Rocky launches into an impromptu performance of "O Tannenbaum". Viktor rewards him appropriately.

In "Wassail", Viktor and Mordecai have been volunteered by an unknown party to provide food for a party. In the midst of making cranberry sauce using a particularly splatter-worthy recipe provided by Viktor, they are interrupted by carollers. Afterwards, Mordecai notes that he would like the name of the party-planner so that he can share his recipe for murder...pie.

Viktor appears in a New Year's picture taken in Lackadaisy in 1926, shown in "New Year".

"Preview 0029" includes a flashback in which Mordecai gets intoxicated on Bunny Hugs and praises Viktor to no end, causing the surly feline to edge away from him.

In a rare display of humor, Viktor can be seen wearing Mordecai's glasses in "Disguise". Mordecai looks less than pleased.

Appearance and personality

Viktor is depicted in color in "Gallimaufry", "Preview 0014", "Preview 0028" and "Preview 0030".

According to a St. Louis Police Department file shown in "Scrapbook" and dated January 12, 1920, Viktor was born on April 16, 1886, making him 41 years old at the time of the comic. He was born in Pressburg (Bratislava), Austria-Hungary.[5] He stands 6'6" and weighs 279 lbs. He has ruddy fur and green eyes. Though he often appears to be in a surly mood, Viktor is not without social skills; "Valentino" illustrates that he does know how to reciprocate a woman's interest. That being said, "Quick-fix" illustrates that when drawn into an argument, perhaps especially with Mordecai, Viktor can forget his surroundings.

Viktor's most notable physical feature may be that he is missing his right eye, though a picture of him shows him with both eyes present and in a military uniform along with other servicemen.[6] Viktor is missing his eye in the police department file also shown in "Scrapbook". He wears a patch over this injury. Additionally Viktor has bad knees, as noted in "Quantentheorie". He had a good knee that suffered an injury within the past year, as noted by Mitzi in "Lassitude". Viktor sustains further injury in the form of a chest wound in "Blindside". Though his wounds are treated by Dr. Quackenbush, when next seen in "Cacophony" he appears unable to rise from a chair.

Viktor is a Slovak[7]. He frequently speaks with a noticeable accent, using broken English and words such as "naow" (now) and "ya".[8] Viktor speaks Slovak as well, using terms such as "dievka" ("young girl"[9]).[8]

Viktor is shot by the pig farmers in "Blindside". Though in "Stranglehold" he claims to Ivy that he is not badly injured, it is obvious that he needs medical attention, and he is treated by Doctor Quackenbush in "Lassitude", who notes that Viktor may contract penumonia.

According to Ivy, there are "probable outstanding warrants" for Viktor.[10] "Scrapbook" provides evidence of Viktor being arrested previously, with charges of multiple assault. His case history indicates that he earlier incited violence at the municipal docks during a strikers' rally. Mitzi states in "Haggersnash" that Viktor knows where Lackadaisy can obtain decent booze quickly.

Glare beam

As Rocky notes in "Quantentheorie", Viktor often looks at others with a particularly intimidating expression. Rocky facetiously theorizes that this may be a result of Viktor's "hate energy" being amplified and focused through his remaining eye. This glare beam is shown in its full glory when he directs it upon Freckle in "Deadeye", the net result of which is to make Freckle extremely uncomfortable.


Viktor is depicted as a human in "Preview 0013", "Counterpart" and "Viktor Faces".



Viktor is introduced to Freckle by Ivy in "Deadeye", who also reveals Freckle's real first name. Upon Ivy mentioning that she has decided that Freckle and her are dating, Viktor directs his glare beam upon Freckle, making the latter extremely uncomfortable.


As evidenced in "Growltiger", Viktor does not seem to think highly of Horatio. After Horatio suggests that Viktor would enjoy wearing a tuxedo, Viktor "compromises" by saying he would enjoy wearing it to Horatio's funeral.


Ivy appears to be one of the few individuals who can make physical contact with Viktor without him reacting violently, as evidenced in "Quantentheorie". She appears to consider their interactions playful, and says to Rocky that Viktor is "just a big teddy bear". Ivy is one of the few people whom Viktor appears to let his guard down around, as she has actually seen him in a vulnerable state.[11]

In "Rhubarb", Ivy realizes that Viktor has been sabotaging her social life and that he does not want her to be involved with Lackadaisy. She rebuffs his concerns, calling him a "monster" and storming out. In "Gallivant", Ivy yells to Viktor from outside his apartment that she is giving up on him.


Mitzi is Viktor's employer, and as such he seems to grant her somewhat more latitude than others. In "Growltiger", she calls him, "Vinegar Tom", and tries to encourage Viktor, not for the first time, to wear a tuxedo, as she believes he would look good...and less one. According to Mitzi, Viktor was measured for a tuxedo previously, after they got him very drunk. After Horatio sides with Mitzi, Viktor agrees to wear a tuxedo to Horatio's funeral, leading Mitzi to point out that Viktor has a tendency to confuse threats and compromises.

Viktor seems to be very irritated when Mitzi pokes fun of his disability in "Hallelujah".

In "Bunny-box", after Rocky expresses his feelings that Mitzi is a damsel in distress, Viktor disagrees, saying that Mitzi is, "vulnerable as like bear trap".

Mitzi appears genuinely concerned for Viktor when Zib mentions that he is "down" in "Malarkey", and moreso when she sees him in "Lassitude", noting that between the gunshot to his chest and an earlier injury to his good knee, it has not been a good year for him. Mitzi later tells Wick that Viktor is one of the, "few vestiges", she has left and that she could not do without him.[12]


"Sordid Sniffles", "Valentino", "Quick-fix" and "Massacre", set before the timeframe of the comic, depict Viktor and Mordecai working together. Though they appeared to have rather passionate debates, matters always resolved themselves least for the two of them.

In "Heartstrings", Mitzi notes that Viktor and Mordecai worked together for years, and Mordecai's recent disarmament of Lackadaisy almost got Viktor killed. Mordecai notes that Viktor should not have been involved, that in fact Mordecai reasoned with Viktor to retire before Mordecai left Lackadaisy himself. Though Mitzi points out that Mordecai's form of reasoning involved kneecapping Viktor, Mordecai responds that that is, "how one reasons with Viktor".


Viktor appears to barely tolerate Rocky, likely in part due to Rocky's excitability and verbosity. He does not believe Rocky has a future in the booze-running business due to Rocky's lack of muscle, though Rocky considers himself Viktor's protégé.[13][14]. Rocky calls Viktor, "Vinegar", in "Defiance", but this appears to be an exception rather than a common occurrence.


Tracy interviews Viktor in "Preview 0011" regarding what happened to his eye. Viktor leaves in a fit of surliness. "Reader Question: Ivy and Viktor" reveals Ivy's reaction to the notion that people might fancy the notion of her and Viktor in a relationship. He does not get a word in edgewise. On the other hand, a similar question regarding Viktor and Mordecai caused Viktor to die laughing, as shown in "Reader Question: Viktor and Mordecai". "Reader Question: Viktor" suggests that were Viktor to come into a large sum of money, presented in an annoying manner by Rocky, he would proceed to kill Rocky with the check, go hang gliding to a bank, then cash the check in order to make the Louisiana Purchase on his own terms.


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