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This is a timeline of the significant events that occur in the Lackadaisy universe.

Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Isaac Heller, father of Mordecai, is born. [1]
Date Notable events Reference
May 13 - Tuesday Nina is born in Cork, Ireland. [2]
Date Notable events Reference
January 3 - Thursday Atlas May is born in St. Louis, Missouri. [2]
August 19 - Tuesday Asa Sweet is born. [3]
Date Notable events Reference
April 16 - Friday Viktor Vasko is born in Pressburg (Bratislava), Austria-Hungary. [2]
Date Notable events Reference
January 11 - Friday Sedgewick "Wick" Sable is born in Boston, Massachusetts. [2]
Date Notable events Reference
March 28 - Tuesday Mordecai Heller is born in New York City. [2]
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Horatio is born. [4]
Date Notable events Reference
September 6 - Tuesday Lacy Hardt is born in Peoria, Illinois. [2]
December 19 - Monday Roark "Rocky" Rickaby is born in St. Louis, Missouri. [2]
Date Notable events Reference
March 10 - Wednesday Calvin "Freckle" McMurray is born in St. Charles, Missouri. [2]
May 20 - Thursday Ivy Pepper is born in Kansas City, Missouri. [2]
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown A picture of Mordecai with his family is taken. "Preview 0023"[5]
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Mordecai is involved with the underworld. [6]
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Rocky and Freckle associate with each other as children. Rocky would play his fiddle in the McMurray House during Christmas. "Palaver", "Correspondence"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown As children, Rocky tries to glue flapjacks to Freckle in hopes of attracting bees. The experiment goes awry when Freckle evades Rocky and the glue lands on him, attracting the bees to the wrong man. "Bee-Glue"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Rocky is kicked out of his home and leaves St. Louis due to unspecified acts. Zib "finds" Mitzi in Georgia. A picture is taken of Viktor; he is serving in the United States military during World War I. "Palaver", "Correspondence", "Blood-money", "Scrapbook"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Mordecai commits his first murder, motivated by opportunism and revenge. [1]
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Bobby and Elsa meet and begin a relationship. "Medicament"
Date Notable events Reference
January 12 - Monday A St. Louis Police Department file shows Viktor having been arrested on this date on charges of multiple assault. His photographs show that his right eye is now missing. His case history includes involvement in the incitement of violence during a strikers' rally at the municipal docks. "Scrapbook"
July 1 - Thursday Prohibition begins in St. Louis. Atlas May owns and operates the Little Daisy Cafe, which sits above extensive limestone caves. "Introduction 1"
Unknown The Lackadaisy Speakeasy opens beneath Little Daisy. Atlas and Asa are friends and have agreements regarding trade routes. Mitzi sings and plays the ukulele for Zib's band. "Introduction 2", "Demurral", "Loggerheads"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Mordecai and Viktor are employed by Lackadaisy and work together for several years. Mordecai is known variously as "Ol'Serious Face" and Atlas's "golden boy", and there are multiple stories about him. Atlas, possibly with Ruby Pepper's assistance, arranges for liquor to be brought to Defiance, Missouri by train, where Abelard, Bobby and Elsa store it at the Arbogast Funeral Home pending transfer to Lackadaisy. When a third party begins stealing the liquor, Atlas brings Mordecai and Viktor to Defiance. They learn that the third party has been selling the stolen liquor to a St. Louis-based gang that is in competition with Marigold. The three put a stop to that operation. "Luncheon", [6], "Portraiture", "Gravediggers", "Bushwhack"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown In Atlanta, a picture is taken of Zib and his band performing, including Mitzi. "Scrapbook"
July Rocky writes a letter to Freckle from Rocky's uncle's home in Kankakee. He is earning money by tending the grounds. He anticipates learning to drive a tractor. "Correspondence"
October 21 - Friday Rocky writes Freckle a letter. He is riding the Missouri Pacific Railroad, heading further west despite some initial reluctance. "Correspondence"
Date Notable events Reference
January 30 - Monday Rocky writes Freckle another letter. Rocky is working as a grill cook. He has caught on fire twice. "Correspondence"
Unknown Rocky writes Freckle another letter. Rocky is in central Oklahoma. He wishes he could visit St. Louis during the summer. Rocky asks whether Freckle has seen Rocky's father, as Rocky's letters to him have gone unacknowledged. In a later letter, Rocky states that he has joined a circus as a roustabout. While parts of this letter are obscured, it appears that a hostler suggested that Rocky might be able to work as an escape artist. An envelope that may have contained one or both of these letters indicates a return address of Custer, South Dakota, though no street information is provided. Freckle's address appears to be 1116 North Benton Avenue, St. Charles, Missouri. A bench warrant is issued for Zib after he fails to show up in court to address having been picked up at a hop house. "Correspondence", "Misdemeanor"
Date Notable events Reference
March 10 - Saturday Rocky writes a letter to Freckle. It contains the word "...rthday". There are also the words, "asn't all", "your fault", and, "anyway". "Correspondence"
August Rocky writes a letter to Freckle, in which he states that the circus "went south". It appears that Rocky may have received a fiddle from a hobo on a train near the Dakotas, though a number of wasps were inside it. "Correspondence"
Date Notable events Reference
April 22 - Tuesday Rocky writes a letter to Freckle. "Correspondence"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown Rocky joins Zib's band and consequently becomes affiliated with Lackadaisy. [6]
Date Notable events Reference
New Year's - January 1 - Friday A picture is taken during a New Year's party at Lackadaisy. Mordecai, Mitzi, Atlas, Viktor and Ivy are prominent in the foreground. Horatio and Wick are amongst the guests. Zib's band, including Zib and Rocky, are on stage in the far rear of the picture. "New Year"
Unknown Atlas is killed. There are rumors that Mitzi may be involved in his death. Asa later claims he warned Atlas that he was getting in over his head. Mitzi takes over Little Daisy and Lackadaisy. Mordecai tries to convince Viktor to retire and ultimately kneecaps him before leaving Lackadaisy. In a possibly-related incident, Viktor almost removes Doctor Quackenbush's arms. Mordecai begins working for Marigold. "Introduction 2", "Heartstrings", "Lassitude", "Loggerheads"
Date Notable events Reference
Unknown ("the other night") Mordecai, Nico and Serafine are involved in a situation that creates a "high-profile mess". They turn to the pig farmers for assistance. "Hatchetman", "Muckamuck"
May 21 - Saturday Lackadaisy is in decline. A picture of Zib, Rocky, Viktor, Mitzi, Wick, Ivy and Horatio is taken. "Introduction 3"
May 26 - Thursday "Rumrunner" through "Dithyramb". Rocky is abducted and almost killed by the pig farmers. Mitzi invites Wick to come to Lackadaisy the following evening. "Misdemeanor"
May 27 - Friday "Reciprocity" through "Rendezvous". Rocky and Freckle destroy the pig farm. Ivy meets Freckle and gives him a Lackadaisy pin. Wick, Church and associates go to Lackadaisy to hear Mitzi's proposal. With "indirect assistance" from Asa, the pig farmers break into Lackadaisy but are shot and incapacitated by Freckle. Viktor is shot in the chest and treated by Quackenbush; Wick pays for the doctor's visit after Ivy points out that it would be the chivalrous thing to do. Wick and Mitzi kiss for the first time; Rocky inadvertently sees the kiss. "Scrapbook"
May 28 - Saturday "Daybreak" through "Powder-keg". Mitzi, Freckle and Rocky meet with Asa and Mordecai. Asa admits that Mordecai removed the guns from Lackadaisy's storeroom and provided them to the pig farmers. He also states that the agreements made with Atlas do not apply to Mitzi, and he is under orders from his employer. Asa encourages Mitzi to shut down Lackadaisy before matters deteriorate further, but Mitzi responds that she would rather take the risk than have Lackadaisy wilt away. Rocky learns from Viktor that quality alcohol can be found in Defiance. Mitzi steals and cashes a blank check from Wick's company to pay her debts. Zib and Virgil are arrested. Zib meets Dom Drago. Rocky and Ivy travel to Defiance, where a hearse intercepts them while they are attempting to procure liquor. Rocky is injured and rendered unconscious during the chase. Ivy confronts Abelard and Bobby who were in the hearse, and is taken to the Arbogast Funeral Home when she explains that she and Rocky are there on Lackadaisy's behalf. Ivy meets Elsa, and Bobby relates the funeral home's past relations with Lackadaisy. "Heartstrings", "Loggerheads", "Retinue", "Misdemeanor"