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| {{S|Ornamental}}
| {{S|Ornamental}}
| Rocky and Freckle as children during Christmas. Featuring a brick on a rope.
| Rocky and Freckle as children during Christmas. Featuring a brick on a rope.
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| {{S|Love Letters}}
| Happy Valentine's Day from Lackadaisy!
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| {{S|Breakfast Sleeves}}
| Rocky ODs on pancakes, leading Nina to commit a regrettable sin.

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This is a list of the artwork featured in the "Sketchbook" section of the Gallery area of the Lackadaisy website. A brief description and significance to the overall storyline is included.

Name of Sketch Description
"Photomajig" Pencil of Mitzi bringing Wick to the Photomaton
"Mitzi and Wick" Mitzi and Wick together as humans.
"Rocky Sculpt by Damon Bard" In-progress sculpture of Rocky.
"Lacy" Pencil of Lacy's artwork for the revamped character page.
"Mitzi" Unfinished painting of a human Mitzi.
"Viktor" Ideas for Viktor's character page entry.
"Loaf Baby" Tracy is not a baby-lover.
"Rocky Sculpt Painted" The Rocky sculpture colored.
"Nonsense, ho!" Pencils of Mitzi and Wick for the comic.
"Harco" Pencils of Ivy and Viktor for the comic.
"Protocats" Very early depictions of Rocky and Mitzi.
"Work in Progress" An in-progress painting of the real Rocky.
"Freckle" Sketches of Freckle for the character page.
"Work in Progress - Wick" An in-progress painting of the human Wick.
"Trainwreck" Rocky on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
"Mitzi - Unfinished Painting" Painting of Mitzi as a human.
"Scaryface" In-progress comic art of Rocky, Freckle and Ivy.
"Disguise" Viktor and Mordecai. Perhaps. It's hard to say, really.
"Book Sketches" Rocky and Freckle, Mitzi and Zib, Viktor and Mordecai. Sketches for Comickaze.
"Leaky Pipes" Rough sketch of Freckle and Ivy working on Mrs. Bapka's pipes.
"Bohemia Way" Zib and Mitzi before St. Louis. A photo and a pencil, close but not exactly the same.
"Button Sketches" Pencils for the Lackadaisy character buttons.
"Comic Panel Process" Putting together a comic panel, featuring Mitzi going to the loan office.
"Reader Question: Eraser" What kind of eraser does Tracy use?
"Serafine's Dress" The front of Serafine's dress from "Preview 0014", in pencil and color.
"Reader Question: Rocky" An animated answer to the question of how Rocky feels about being liked by girls.
"Reader Question: Ivy and Viktor" Would Viktor and Ivy ever be a couple?
"Reader Question: Viktor and Mordecai" What do Viktor and Mordecai think of their shippers?
"Triangle Cat, Triangle Cat" Zib is very triangular...but is he equilateral?
"Reader Question: Viktor" What if Viktor wins the lottery?
"Fuzz Bomb" Freckle, Blow-dried
"Ivy the Cat" A painting of the real Ivy.
"Armchair" Zib trying to get comfortable.
"Happy Face" Zib hurts himself looking happy.
"Serious Cat" Mordecai is a very serious cat.
"Reader Question: Pets" Do pets exist in the world of Lackadaisy?
"Tug o' War" Freckle is torn between Ivy and Rocky.
"Birthday" Viktor likes to both give and receive birthday hugs.
"Conversations" How does Tracy get her material?
"Pancakes" A flashback providing further information regarding Rocky's unique relationship with pancakes.
"Adventures" The adventures of Zib's band.
"Tiny Narratives (Q&A)" Multiple questions answered - Were Zib and Mitzi more than platonic? Is it strange to be infatuated with Rocky? Mordecai as a child? What language does Mrs. Bapka speak? Why does Zib never actually play the clarinet? What goes on in Rocky's head? What's Rocky's dream car?
"Miniature Viktor" Viktor in Miniature
"Rocky and Ivy Sketches" Sketches of Rocky and Ivy for the comic.
"Dom" Dom Drago as a human.
"Jughands" Rocky asks Zib to help him out with a small problem.
"Not So Crazy" Could Rocky be a not-crazy human?
"Blueblood Details" Some zoom-ins on "Blueblood"
"Lackadaisy Deco" Possible t-shirt designs for the Lackadaisy logo.
"Zib Faces" A few portrayals of Zib as a human.
"Mortuary" Art for upcoming pages, featuring Elsa, Abelard and Bobby.
"New Year" A colorized version of the 1926 New Year's photo.
"Viktor Faces" Several human portrayals of Viktor.
"A Thing For You" Rocky expresses his thing for Mitzi.
"Elsa Faces" Elsa as a human.
"Taters" Several of the main characters rendered...differently.
"Eyebrows" The League of Extraordinary Eyebrows
"Mitzi" A sketch of Mitzi.
"Mordecai Faces" The many human faces of Mordecai.
"Ivy and Calvin" Human Ivy and Human Calvin
"Baldface" How Freckle got his name.
"Hair" If Rocky, Freckle, Viktor and Mordecai had long, beautiful hair. The horror...
"Saturday Evening Freckle" A beautiful picture of Calvin for the character page.
"Dom - Lempicka" A beautiful picture of Dom Drago for the character page.
"Character Busts" Headshots of many of the characters inhabiting the world of Lackadaisy.
"Abelard" Human Abelard. He looks like he should be commanding the Death Star.
"Mitzi: Because" A glamorous color picture of Mitzi.
"Dead Duck" A young Wick shoots a duck, with unforseen and unimaginable consequences.
"Lacy" A human Lacy in color.
"Demon-rum detail" A detail of "Demon-rum".
"Mitzi: Dress Front" Mitzi's dress from "Mitzi: Because" from the frontside.
"Vermin" What happened when Mordecai broke into the Lackadaisy armory.
"Arioso" A lovely color rendition of a cat belonging to someone who has provided a lot of support with the Lackadaisy website.
"Shower" A typical morning for Freckle.
"Beam" It seems that Rocky's beam-powers may be even more destructive than Viktor's.
"Scarf" A pretty human Zib wearing a pretty scarf.
"Christmas Present" Human Freckle gets a scarf of his own.
"Go-go Mod Ivy" If Ivy traveled into the 1960s?
"Rocky Sketches" Many faces of Human Rocky.
"Sophistry" Rocky and Mordecai debate the virtues of waffles.
"Poses" A tutorial on posing one's characters.
"Photoplay" Mordecai's reaction to him being photographed while "working" with the books.
"Ziegfeld" Mitzi and Ivy as Ziegfeld pinups. Done for an animal rescue group fundraiser.
"Calvin" A tiny portrait of human Freckle.
"Logical Foul" Will Mitzi end up with Wick or Zib?
"Affinity" An anime'ish human Ivy with a cat about ten seconds away from wrecking her pearls.
"Gator" A gator that will be appearing in the comic in the future.
"Cats" Many, many cats. They were used here.
"Awkward" Is drawing Rocky supposed to be awkward? Zib regrets that the question came up.
"How Freckle Feels" How Freckle feels about getting drawn into Rocky's....life.
"Posture" Mordecai shows off his superior posture.
"Scarlet" Mitzi and Zib in happier(?) times.
"Holding Ivy" Does the real Ivy like to be held?
"Bobby and Elsa" A photograph of a human Bobby and Elsa.
"Glimmer-light" A human Zib maintaining his reputation.
"Mornings" How Mordecai, Zib, Mitzi and Rocky wake up.
"Prohibition" A reader questions how Tracy can have a social life when she spends all her time drawing cats in clothes. Challenge accepted.
"Hearts and Diamonds" Ivy, Wick and Zib as the Queen of Diamonds, King of Diamonds and King of Hearts for a deck of cards that will hopefully one day move beyond the theoretical.
"Sun Spot" A cheerful human Rocky.
"Queen of Spades" Serafine as the...Queen of Spades.
"Book Sketches" A compilation of the custom drawings given away with the hardcover editions of Volume One of the comic.
"Acting" Does Tracy look in the mirror to get inspiration for her expressions? The answer may surprise you!
"Eight of Spades" Rocky playing card art.
"Valentine" Viktor and Mordecai wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. Or...something.
"Book Sketches Round 2" More sketches included with sales of the hardcover Volume One books.
"Nina and Sophie" Nina and Sophie, as they would look in 1902.
"Rats" Tracy was asked to draw more rats, so there you go.
"Ivy and Viktor Cats" Ivy and Viktor as non-anthro cats. Adorable.
"Zulie" Zulie as a human.
"Throwaway Art - Keepsake" Art of Mordecai, cut from the comic.
"Ornamental" Rocky and Freckle as children during Christmas. Featuring a brick on a rope.
"Love Letters" Happy Valentine's Day from Lackadaisy!
"Breakfast Sleeves" Rocky ODs on pancakes, leading Nina to commit a regrettable sin.