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Serafine Savoy
Desc serafine.jpg
First appearance in comic


October 25 -
November 1, 1902
Place of Birth

New Orleans,
Age at start of comic


Serafine Savoy[1] is a trigger-man for Marigold.

In the comic

Volume 1

Serafine first appears in "Hatchetman". It is revealed via flashback that shortly before the timeframe of the comic, Serafine, Mordecai and Nico are involved in a situation that creates a "high-profile" mess. Serafine suggests that they turn to the pig farmers for assistance, and Nico notes that the pigs "eat anything".

Serafine next appears in the Hotel Maribel in "Cutthroat". Asa and Mordecai discuss how Nico and Serafine came to work for Asa. He tells Mordecai that, "we dredged them out of the bayous", where they had been working for a small bootlegging operation. Asa and his associates consequently hired them and they have proven very efficient, so much so that Nico and Serafine have been assigned to accompany Mordecai while he pursues "other ventures" for Asa and his associates.

Volume 2

Serafine next appears in a room in the Hotel Maribel in "Calinda", where she is holding court with Nico. Mordecai arrives and points out that Nico and Serafine were supposed to meet him at 6th and Washington earlier, but they decided it would be more fun to have him come to them.


After being asked what the Lackadaisy cats think of the Easter bunny, Tracy revealed that Nico and Serafine had eaten said bunny.[2]


Serafine is depicted in color in "Preview 0014", "Preview 0023", "Preview 0028" and "Serafine's Dress".

Serafine was born in New Orleans between October 25 and November 1, 1902, making her 25 years old at the time of the comic.[3][4][5] Serafine's height is approximately 5'6".[6] With regards to Serafine's voice, Tracy has noted that it would be similar to Nico's voice, "Confident, low and almost lazy sounding in delivery with a distinct Cajun accent. He and his sister should sound like they're accustomed to speaking Cajun French in each other's company, and only deign to speak English for practical purposes when on the job", and additionally, "Same accent as Nico, but with some fiery personality behind it. Her voice should sound a little sultry, but not in the typical femme fatale fashion - there should be something a little earthy and crass about it".[7]

Serafine and Nico were not raised by their parents.[8] According to Tracy, Serafine did not complete her primary education. Her favorite food is, "jambalaya, gumbo or any such mixture, but only if it’s nearly spicy enough to cause internal hemorrhaging. Anything in the soul food department...probably suits (her) fancy too". She enjoys drinking bourbon and spiced rum.[3] Serafine is not inclined towards long-term relationships, but has had numerous flings.[7] Of her childhood, Tracy stated-

Nico and Serafine were born in the city, grew up in the bayou mud surrounded by alligators and superstition, and took whatever bizarre inroads to lucrative adventure they could find. Nico’s not the bullying type by nature. He’d rather be fishing, but I suppose he figures one might as well make an occupation of what one excels at…such as punching faces really hard. Serafine was the propellant, weaving her own mythology and making a living as a charlatan Marie Laveau. Some intriguing new opportunities arose when illicit liquor started flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico.
—Tracy, [9]

Serafine appears to enjoy dressing in a both upper-class and somewhat masculine manner. In "Hatchetman" she is wearing a suit and tie. She is a self-proclaimed voodoo priestess with a fondness for an automatic rifle named Boudreaux.[4] Tracy believes that Serafine might have a spiritual affinity for Inanna, Ishtar and Kali, as well as Maman Brigitte.[10] Serafine is a smoker.[9] Serafine also enjoys practical jokes, snakes and hot peppers.[11] According to Tracy, for Christmas Serafine would like fresh shellfish.[12]


Serafine is depicted as a human in "Preview 0013", "Demon-rum" and "Counterpart".



Serafine is currently employed by Asa and his associates.[1]


Serafine appears to enjoy taking advantage of Mordecai's difficulties with humor.[13] She and Nico are working with Mordecai while he pursues "other ventures" in Asa's service.[1]


Nico is Serafine's brother or half-brother.[14] Tracy has noted that Serafine and Nico argue all the time, though generally not in front of other people.[15]


Serafine's surname is somewhat of a nod to the Savoy Orphans Band and the Savoy Ballroom.[16]