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This is a list of the artwork featured in the "Previews" section of the Gallery on the main Lackadaisy site. A brief description and significance to the overall storyline is included.

Name of Preview Description
Preview 0001 Pictures of Rocky and Ivy.
Preview 0002 Mitzi and Wick in winter clothes.
Preview 0003 Non-finished poster featuring Mitzi, Wick, Freckle and Rocky.
Preview 0004 Early sketches of Freckle, Ivy, Rocky and Mordecai.
Preview 0005 Early Rocky, Nina, Freckle and Wick.
Preview 0006 Mitzi, Restless Freckle and the Pig Farmers.
Preview 0007 Assorted characters. Asa and Zib in color and fully-named.
Valentino Mordecai and Viktor do or do not successfully make eyes at a woman.
Preview 0009 Miscellaneous pencil sketches of the characters, including some human counterparts.
Preview 0010 Pencils of Rocky, Wick, Freckle, Ivy and Viktor.
Preview 0011 An interview with Viktor/Rocky.
Preview 0012 Lots of pencil sketches of the characters, including some human counterparts.
Preview 0013 Various sketches, including color images of Mitzi, Mordecai and Ivy, and more human counterparts.
Preview 0014 Serafine, Zib and Viktor (in a tuxedo!) in color, along with a bunch of other folks. Zib as a human. Wick's Dusenberg.
Preview 0015[1] New Year's Eve at Lackadaisy, 1926
Quick-fix Viktor and Mordecai discuss symmetry, to the detriment of The Poor Schmuck.
Preview 0017 Sketches of the Lackadaisy regulars originally meant for a flyer.
Preview 0018 Various character drawings, including a picture of the gang from the "good old days".
Preview 0019 Multiple drawings of the characters. Mitzi, Wick, Rocky, Freckle and Mordecai in color.
2009 Preview 0020 3D Modeling of Rocky and a lineup of the characters.
Massacre Viktor and Mordecai discuss Mordecai's complicated emotions in the aftermath of a...well, a massacre.
Preview 0021 Sketches for convention presentations on character drawing and design and comic production. Also Mordecai picking a safe and a 3D modeled car.
Preview 0022 Art of Mitzi and Zib for the revamped Characters page.
Preview 0023 Character page art for Mordecai, Mitzi and Serafine. Mitzi from concept to execution. Various character sketches and a picture of young Mordecai with his family.
Preview 0024 An interview with Zib.
Preview 0025 Art Deco Ivy for the new Characters page.
Preview 0026 Art Deco Rocky for the new Characters page, and Lacy Hardt.
Preview 0027 Multiple art of the characters, including some colored panels from the comic.
Preview 0028 Multiple art of the characters. Mitzi, the Savoys, Viktor, Asa and Wick in color.
Preview 0029 An interview with Mordecai, including a flashback explaining why he doesn't drink. He gets very excited about having a new electric iron.


  1. ^ This is copyright 2007 but Preview 0014 precedes it.