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Pig Farmers
Avery, Avril and Emery
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The pig farmers are three bootleggers whom Rocky encounters in "Rumrunner". Based on dialog it is clear that they have had prior run-ins. In "Hydrophoby" one of the farmers is identified as Avril. In "Sunshine" another one of the farmers is addressed as Emery, while the third pig farmer is identified as Avery in "Imbroglio". Avril appears to nominally be their leader[1] , and their interactions suggest that the farmers are related.[2]

The pig farmers are the primary antagonists of Volume One of Lackadaisy. Their initial confronation with Rocky in the beginning of the comic leads Rocky to destroy their farm and home. They in turn attack Lackadaisy in an effort to kill Rocky late in the volume. Thanks to Freckle's intervention, the farmers are incapacitated.

In the comic

Volume 1

After confronting Rocky in "Rumrunner", the farmers abduct him in "Hydrophoby" and place him in the back of their truck with "Frothy", a rabid pig that Avril was forced to shoot. In "Crack-Track" the farmers intend to kill Rocky by pinning him to a set of railroad tracks with nails through his tie, but he escapes in "Face-plant".

In "Scathefire" through "Schadenfreude", Rocky and Freckle visit and ultimately destroy the farm where the pig farmers live and work. The farmers discuss the attack and how to respond in "Lambaste", with Avril noting that "some people" owe them a favor.

It is revealed in "Muckamuck" that, shortly prior to the timeframe of the comic, the pig farmers received a large sack from Mordecai, Nico and Serafine and presumably fed the contents to the farmers' pigs. In the present, Avril tells Emery to get Benjy Jessup and Jessup's truck, presumably as part of Avril's plan to deal with Rocky.

During "Vaudevillian", Avril meets with Asa and Mordecai in Asa's office. After Avril describes the destruction of the pig farm by Rocky, and points out that Marigold has been using the farm to dispose of bodies but has not paid the farmers, Asa agrees to lend them, "some very indirect assistance".

In "Bunny-box", the pig farmers are seen in Benjy Jessup's truck with Benjy at the wheel, following Rocky and Viktor after they have acquired liquor from Captain Kehoe.

In "Drygulch", Benjy and the farmers approach the Little Daisy garage with guns openly displayed. After Viktor notes their approach and turns off the lights in the garage, Benjy asks whether the farmers have been seen, but Avril replies that he does not care. Benjy and the farmers break into the garage and engage Viktor in a firefight in "Myopia". Their confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of Rocky and Zib via the trapdoor in "Blindside"; the distraction enables them to injure Viktor and proceed into Lackadaisy. In "Malarkey", the pig farmers enter Lackadaisy proper and shoot at the bar while Mitzi, Rocky, Freckle and Zib hide behind a craps table. Avril plans to burn Lackadaisy down in "Skedaddle", but is distracted when Rocky and the others break cover and run for the storeroom.

In "Deadlock" the pig farmers enter the caverns and split up while searching for the Lackadaisy crew; Avery takes the passage leading to the storeroom. He confronts the Lackadaisy crew in "Doolally", but is shot by Freckle before he can open fire. Freckle takes his tommy gun.

Avril and Emery are seen entering the area behind the locked door in the caverns in "Echolalia", where they find bones that Avril speculates belong to, "peccaries or somethin'", as well as at least one person's skull. Hearing Freckle's laughter, they confront him only to retreat when he outmanuvers them. They subsequently run into Mitzi, Rocky and Zib in "Whizbang". Zib throws Mitzi's handgun at Emery with negligible effect, and Avril in turn opens fire on them, causing Mitzi and Zib to flee in one direction while Rocky retreats in the other direction. Emery pursues Mitzi and Zib, but Freckle arrives and shoots him. Avril pursues Rocky, but is shot in "Rhetoric" shortly after showing a lack of interest in discussing matters with Rocky. "Quicklime" reveals that Freckle was the shooter.

Volume 2

In "Handyman", Ivy asks Freckle whether it is true that he killed the pig farmers, confirming that they are deceased.


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