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Nina McMurray
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First appearance in comic

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Occupation Freckle's Mother, Rocky's Aunt

Nina[1] McMurray is Freckle's mother and Rocky's aunt. She first appears in "Reciprocity" and is inadvertently responsible for Freckle's later involvement with Lackadaisy.

In the comic

In "Reciprocity", Rocky visits Nina and Freckle to drop off laundry with Nina. In exchange she asks Rocky to bring Freckle with him while he runs errands, explaining that Freckle has been depressed since an "incident" during his training to become a police officer.

That night, in "Dysphoria", Nina sympathizes with a restless Freckle, telling him that he will feel better once he has found a steady job. When his restlessness, manifested by a desire to fix things around the home, becomes irksome, Nina orders Freckle to bed. Freckle later takes his Lackadaisy pin and sneaks out of the house.

Apperance and personality



Nina is Freckle's mother. She is inadvertently responsible for Freckle's involvement with Lackadaisy, as she suggests that Rocky take Freckle with him when Rocky goes to "run errands", believing this might help Freckle with his depression over being kicked out of the police academy.[1]


Nina is Rocky's aunt. While she is willing to do his laundry, there appears to be little love lost between them. Nina is the only person to refer to Rocky by his real first name, Roark, though this may be due to other characters not being aware of Rocky's real name.

Rocky has not been fully honest with Nina regarding his occupation; she believes he plays the violin for a living.[1]


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