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Nicodeme "Nico" Savoy
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First appearance in comic


Nicodeme "Nico" Savoy[1] is a trigger-man for Marigold.

In the comic

Nico first appears in "Hatchetman". It is revealed via flashback that shortly before the timeframe of the comic, Nico, Mordecai and Serafine are involved in a situation that creates a "high-profile" mess. Serafine suggests that they turn to the pig farmers for assistance, and Nico notes that the pigs "eat anything".

Nico next appears in the Hotel Maribel in "Cutthroat". Asa and Mordecai discuss how Nico and Serafine came to work for Asa. He tells Mordecai that, "we dredged them out of the bayous", where they had been working for a small bootlegging operation. Asa and his associates consequently hired them and they have proven very efficient, so much so that Nico and Serafine have been assigned to accompany Mordecai while he pursues "other ventures" for Asa and his associates.

Appearance and personality

Nico appears to be a rather laid-back individual, in both mannerisms and dress.[2]



As noted in "Cutthroat", Asa and his associates hired Nico and Serafine after they began interfering with Marigold's business.


Nico appears to enjoy taking advantage of Mordecai's difficulties with humor.[2]


Nico is apparently related to Serafine, as they share a last name.[1]


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