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Mitzi May
Desc mitzi.jpg
First appearance in comic

"Introduction 3"
First appearance with dialog


September 25
Place of Birth

Savannah, Georgia
Age at start of comic

At least 27.
Spouse(s) Atlas

Mary Ellen[1] "Mitzi" May[2] owns and operates the Little Daisy Cafe and the Lackadaisy Speakeasy since the death of Atlas, her husband, in 1926. It is rumored that she may have been responsible for his death. [2]

In the comic

Volume 1

Mitzi is first depicted in "Introduction 3", though her first apperance with dialog is in "Formaldehyde", where she is talking with Ivy in the Little Daisy cafe when Rocky returns from his encounter with the pig farmers. Mitzi does not appear overly disappointed when she believes Rocky has not procured alcohol from Kehoe, suspecting that it, "has an unusually high content of embalming fluid anyway." After Rocky informs Mitzi of his agreement with Kehoe and that he "lost" the car, Mitzi sends him and Ivy to Viktor for assistance with retrieving it, believing that in Ivy's company Viktor will be less likely to throttle Rocky. Mitzi states that the car and an old truck are the only vehicles Lackadaisy still possesses; the rest have been sold to make ends meet.

In "Arithmophobia" it is revealed that Mitzi talks to a portrait of Atlas, which she keeps in her (formerly Atlas's) office. She seems to have fond memories of him, referring to him as "dear". After Rocky accidentally overhears her talking to the portrait, Mitzi asks him to deliver a letter to the Union Trust Building.

Mitzi next appears in "Growltiger", idly wondering why Ivy is waiting around in Little Daisy before Mitzi goes down to Lackadaisy. Disappointed by the low number of patrons, she proceeds to try, not for the first time, to convince Viktor to wear a tuxedo, with a predictable lack of success. The episode ends with her wondering where Rocky is, as he is supposed to be bringing the liquor he received from Kehoe.

In "Hallelujah", Zib asks Mitzi whether, based on Lackadaisy's poor patronage, he should be using his pay to buy train tickets for the band. Mitzi accuses Zib of being "dramatic". Shortly thereafter Wick, Church and their associates arrive. Zib calls it sad that, "old friends", are now, "in (Mitzi's) crosshairs". Mitzi calls Zib an, "incorrigible pessimist". Despite Mitzi assuring Zib that, "it's not like that", Zib appears unconvinced.

In "Overture", Wick and his companions are listening to Mitzi's proposal for investing in Lackadaisy when Rocky interrupts them with the liquor he obtained from Captain Kehoe. Though Church seems uninterested in Mitzi's offer, Wick encourages her to continue, and states that it was his pleasure to have brought Church and the others with him. Mitzi samples Kehoe's liquor, finding it to be sub-par but acceptable, and tells Rocky to have the rest of the band bring in the rest of the liquor from the garage.

In "Killjoy", Zib attempts to convince Mitzi to get everyone to leave Lackadaisy ahead of the pig farmers; when she resists he takes matters into his own hands, announcing that the speakeasy is being raided and pushing Ivy, Wick, Church and their associates out the door, though Mitzi refuses to go with them. After Wick, Church and the others have left, Mitzi accuses Zib of ruining both what was left of Lackadaisy's reputation and her chances of persuading Zib's associates to invest in Lackaidasy in "Malarkey". She appears to dismiss Zib's concerns to some degree, but seems genuinely concerned when Zib inadvertently reveals that Viktor is "down" in the garage. While trying to keep Mitzi from doing so, Rocky accidentally reveals the location of himself, Mitzi, Freckle and Zib while attempting to hide from the pig farmers in "Skedaddle". Mitzi flees with the others to the storeroom.

The group reaches the storeroom in "Deadlock", only to realize that the lock has been picked and the guns are missing. Mitzi claims to have a good idea as to who is responsible. After Rocky takes Mitzi's gun in order to defend the others and "fix this", Zib and Mitzi try to dissuade him, with Mitzi noting that hiding behind Rocky would be, "like taking cover behind a cornstalk". She does not appear particularly fazed after Freckle has abruptly shot Avery and run off with his Tommy gun, laughing maniacally, in "Doolally", calmly remarking to Rocky that Freckle has his laugh. Avery and Emery run into Mitzi, Rocky and Zib in "Whizbang". Zib throws Mitzi's handgun at Emery with negligible effect, and Avril in turn opens fire on them, causing Mitzi and Zib to flee in one direction while Rocky retreats in the other direction. Emery pursues Mitzi and Zib, but Freckle arrives and shoots him. After Freckle has shot Avril as well in "Quicklime" and his normal personality has reasserted itself, Mitzi calmly accepts his apology for his actions. After Freckle runs off, Mitzi asks Rocky whether he goes crazy often, and notes that he handled himself well. Mitzi accepts Rocky's apology for his own actions, then asks him to make sure Freckle does not turn himself in before leaving to check on Viktor.

With Zib, Mitzi enters the garage in "Lassitude", finding Viktor being treated by Doctor Quackenbush while Ivy looks on. Mitzi off-handedly notes to Viktor that they "seem to be stuck in a one-sided feud with a relentless former associate", and references an injury to Viktor's good knee within the past year. Quackenbush advises Mitzi that Viktor may contract pneumonia, and that Wick paid for Viktor's medical expenses.

Mitzi walks into Little Daisy in "Rendezvous", finding Wick tidying up. After thanking him for paying for Quackenbush's visit, Mitzi kisses Wick after briefly looking at an old picture of the Lackadaisy crew, most particularly Atlas. Though they both initially seem embarrassed by the kiss, shortly after Wick and Mitzi kiss each other.

Volume 2

Mitzi is next seen in her home the following morning, in "Portraiture". She once again speaks with a portrait of Atlas, and revealing that the guns used by the pig farmers were originally taken from Lackadaisy's armory. She also tells "Atlas" that she will be confronting an "old friend" regarding a "wayward golden boy" of Atlas's. Mitzi proceeds to call Asa in "Demurral", suggesting that Mordecai stole the guns from Lackadaisy's storeroom and that Asa then provided the pig farmers with the guns knowing that they were going to attack Lackadaisy. Asa claims not to have known that the pig farmers would be attacking Lackadaisy and proceeds to advise Mitzi to consider closing Lackadaisy "before someone gets hurt". Apparently uncomfortable talking over the phone, Asa ends the call after offering to treat Mitzi to lunch at the Mill. Rocky brings Freckle to meet Mitzi immediately after the phonecall, in "Proposition", and Mitzi asks them if they would like lunch.

Mitzi, along with Rocky and Freckle, meets with Asa and Mordecai in "Luncheon". She almost immediately refers to Mordecai as, "a helping of salt to rub in my wounds". Though she seems to hope that Rocky and Freckle's presence will impress Asa, their conduct proves less than convincing. In "Heartstrings", Mordecai is confronted by Mitzi, who accuses him directly of looting Lackadaisy's storeroom and almost getting Viktor killed. Mordecai notes that Viktor should not have been involved, that in fact Mordecai reasoned with Viktor to retire before Mordecai left Lackadaisy himself. Though Mitzi points out that Mordecai's form of reasoning involved kneecapping Viktor, Mordecai responds that that is, "how one reasons with Viktor". While Mordecai does not respond to Mizi's allegations, Asa acknowledges their role in disarming Lackadaisy. Asa reiterates that he believes it would be in Mitzi's best interests to step down from running Lackadaisy. Mitzi claims to be surprised by Asa's conduct; according to her he used to be nice to her. Asa acknowledges that he supplied the pig farmers with the weapons taken from Lackadaisy's storeroom, which Mordecai looted. According to Asa the disarmament was supposed to be a clue; the subsequent attack by the pig farmers was "happenstance". Mitzi further accuses Asa of infringing on Lackadaisy's trade routes; he responds that trade route agreements were made with Atlas, not Mitzi, and furthermore he is obeying the orders of his employer. In "Loggerheads", Asa claims that he warned Atlas that he was getting in over his head; this earns him a look from Mordecai, who excuses himself. Asa encourages Mitzi to stop trying to put things back the way they were, and offers to let her perform with Zib's band at Marigold. Mitzi responds that she would rather take the risk than see Lackadaisy wilt away, and takes her leave after noting that Asa seems troubled.

With Rocky and Freckle, Mitzi returns to her car in "Interloper", noting en route that they need to start reclaiming their former trade routes rather than doing business with Kehoe, and that she owes someone a visit. Mitzi sits down in her car only to be startled, who is sitting behind her and asks to speak with her privately. In "Hamstring" Mordecai asks Mitzi whether she believes that Asa warned Atlas; she replies that Asa probably just said that in order to intimidate her. While granting the possibility, Mordecai confesses to Mitzi that he wonders whether there might be some truth to it; according to him Marigold has been concerned about something and dealing with it aggressively, though he does not know the root cause. Mitzi notes that, in any case, Asa could not know the circumstances surrounding Atlas's death unless Mordecai told Atlas something, but Mordecai states that he would not do such a thing. "Hamstring" includes a flashback of Mordecai with a gun in his hand standing opposite Mitzi, though it is unclear whether the gun is being passed from Mitzi to Mordecai or vice-versa. Mitzi expresses her belief that Mordecai is overanalyzing the situation because Atlas's name was brought up in "Monomania", then asks Mordecai what he wants from her. It is made clear that Mordecai holds Mitzi responsible for Atlas's death to a degree, and he goes on to advise her that she has brought her current problems on herself and that she can bring nothing but disgrace to Lackadaisy. Not wanting to be seen by approaching police officers, Mordecai exits the car after advising Mitzi to stay out of Marigold's way.

In "Haggersnash", after Rocky notices that Mitzi has tears in her eyes from her discussion with Mordecai, Rocky asks whether he should intervene, but Mitzi tells him to keep his distance. Mitzi asks Rocky to drive her to Wick's, then proceed to Viktor's home in order to learn from him where Lackadaisy can obtain liquor quickly.

Mitzi, Freckle and Rocky arrive at Wick's home in "Retinue". Wick suggests that he and Mitzi drive to Forest Park. Mitzi and Wick go boating in Forest Park near the St. Louis Art Museum in "Doublet", and she offers him a 40% partnership in Lackadaisy. Wick replies that he will need to consider her offer, and is disconcerted when Mitzi makes an innocent comment. Wick explains in "Drollery" that Rocky had intimated that Mitzi played a role in Atlas's death; he does not seem especially comforted by her making light of the situation, but in "Veracity" Mitzi tells Wick that she loved Atlas and had no role in his death. Mitzi states that she allows the mystery concerning it to linger because she does not like to discuss it, though she offers to tell Wick more of what happened at some point. They proceed to a photo booth in "Photomajig", where Mitzi surprises Wick by kissing him before asking whether they can return to discussing business.

In "Briar-patch", Mitzi and Wick have returned to Wick's house and are drinking in his wine cellar. Mitzi asks whether they can discuss her business proposal, and Wick good-naturedly states that Mitzi is just trying to get him drunk enough to agree to her proposal. She replies that she was just hoping they would reach an agreement, but is now worried that he is leading her on. Wick states that he is not leading her on, though he has had an interest in her since prior to Atlas's death. Mitzi reveals that she knew of Wick's interest, and that Wick is lucky that Atlas did not have him shot. Wick tells Mitzi, in "Mephistopheles", that while he would be interested in a personal relationship with her, he is not interested in a business relationship with her. Mitzi retorts that Wick is a hypocrite for wanting the benefits of Lackadaisy while also wanting to keep his hands clean, and that he was leading her on after all. She does not give up easily though, giving Wick a kiss to his neck to try to convince him to change his mind. When that distracts but does not persuade him, she asks for a ride home. While Wick is discussing business with Lacy in "Sneakthief", Mitzi steals a blank check for Sable Stone and Quarry from Lacy's purse, where Lacy was keeping the checkbook to ensure it would return to the office. Mitzi proceeds to have a conversation with Lacy where she talks about the dark fates that often befall snitches. In "Chauffeur", Wick drops Mitzi off at home; their farewell is somewhat cool.

In "Mystique", Mitzi encounters Zib loitering outside the entrace to Little Daisy. She is surprised to find him awake before dark, but he confesses that he has not slept since the events of the prior evening. Mitzi asks Zib to accompany her to the sleazy side of town, as she is a little tipsy after drinking wine with Wick earlier. After an abortive mugging attempt by Virgil using a can opener, Mitzi goes to the Jungerman Loan Office to cash the check she stole from Wick's business in "Backalley". She tells Zib that she intends to repay the amount she "borrows", and that even if Wick finds out what happened, he is too nice to take action against Mitzi; she also claims that she is not waiting to cash the check until morning because she is ashamed of her own actions. In "Vestige", Mitzi is surprised when Zib is reluctant to accept the money from the cashed check. He reminds Mitzi that she told him they would not be "cashing friends in like poker chips", but she responds that she has no choice; she has already sold her house, cars and wedding china. Zib notes that she is still wearing a necklace, but Mitzi says that she could never get rid of it; it was the first gift she ever received from Atlas. Zib compares it to a leash, and inadvertently snaps the necklace when Mitzi pulls away while he is touching it. Though he apologizes, he does not move to assist her while she frantically grabs for the pearls. Rather, he tries to convince Mitzi that she should leave St. Louis with him and the band in "Mata Hari". They are interrupted by the return of Virgil, who has noticed the spilled pearls. When Mitzi tries to stop Virgil from taking the pearls a confrontation ensues. Though Zib tries to break them up, Mitzi ultimately claws Virgil's left eye, then kicks him in the chin in "Knee-jerk". While Mitzi is placing the pearls into a bag in "Blood-money", Zib approaches her and she reflexively elbows him before realizing who he is. Mitzi proceeds to offer him the cash from Wick's check again. When Zib expresses further ambivalence, Mitzi asks him why he is judging her given that he previously accepted blood money from Atlas without complaint. Zib replies that it is different now because it is coming from her; while he considered Atlas a villain, he never felt the same way about Mitzi. Mitzi appears unmoved by Zib's concerns, and he finally accepts the money from her before she departs.

A flashback in "Bygones" shows Mitzi in the Marigold Room, still a member of Zib's band but in Atlas's company while he talks with Asa.


In "Tiny Narratives (Q&A)", Tracy states explicitly that Mitzi and Zib were more than platonic. They are shown regarding each other affectionately.

"Scrapbook" includes a picture of Mitzi performing with Zib and his band in Atlanta. The photo is dated 1921. "Bohemia Way" includes a picture of Mitzi and Zib with his arm around her, suggesting their former closeness.

"Adventures" depicts Zib's band, including Mitzi and Zib, after a night apparently involving a great deal of alcohol. One member does not recall that they are in Louisiana, their trombone player has apparently left a portion of his instrument in the fountain, and Zib has smeared lipstick on his own face.

In "Tiddlywinks", Mitzi asks Rocky why Calvin is nicknamed "Freckle". Rocky explains that when they were children he shaved the fur off of Freckle's face, and he had a single freckle.

Mitzi appears in a New Year's picture taken in Lackadaisy in 1926, shown in "New Year".

In "A Thing For You", Rocky presents Mitzi with a cactus to watch over her while she sleeps. She generously asks Rocky to keep it for himself.


Mitzi is depicted in color in "Preview 0013", "Preview 0019", "Preview 0022", "Preview 0023" and "Preview 0028". Tracy incorporated some Persian and Angora into Mitzi's tail[3], while other aspects of her design draw inspiration from Clara Bow and Nancy Carroll.[4]

Mitzi's height is approximately 5'3".[5] She was born on September 25.[6] She has sworn that she was born in the twentieth century, making her at least 27 years old. Mitzi was born in Savannah, Georgia,[6] and has some family in that area.[7][8] Her maiden name is Montgomery.[9] Regarding her appearance, Tracy has noted that, "Mitzi usually dresses in peacock colors - purples and emerald, regal and vain - though whether or not she's just wearing them with wistful irony is up for debate".[4] With regards to Mitzi's voice, Tracy stated that it would be, "A lyrical voice with a distinctly southern accent. Her manner of delivery varies between sad resignation (which contradicts her every action), and condescension that might come across as insulting if it weren’t so slathered in honey".[10]

Of her childhood, Tracy has stated that Mitzi, "was idly plucking her father’s banjo in a faded dress, dodging unwanted advances, and planning the escape from a dirt farm in Georgia".[11] According to Tracy, Mitzi did not complete her primary education. Mitzi would have voted for Herbert Hoover, the Republican candidate, in the 1928 presidential election due to his support for Prohibition. Her favorite food is chocolate, while she enjoys drinking gin and mint juleps. She has also had truffles once, and greatly enjoyed them.[12] Mitzi, "has a bit of morbid fascination for the obituaries column, would almost certainly enjoy historical fiction, and perhaps a little D.H. Lawrence (although she probably can't see what all the fuss is about)".[4]

Mitzi appears to have a somewhat jaded personality. In her first appearance she claims to find obituaries less depressing than the ledger, and states that, "the only difference between tragedy and comedy is whether it happened to you or someone else."[13] Though she is willing to commit unethical acts to keep Lackadaisy afloat, such as stealing a check from Wick's business while intoxicated, she has enough of a conscience to not want to wait until she is sober to cash the check due to feeling ashamed of her actions. Mitzi also claims to Zib that she intends to repay Wick.[14] Regarding how Mitzi feels about her involvement in an illegal business, Tracy noted that, "Mitzi has a not-insubstantial emotional investment in her situation (hopefully that’s obvious by now) and whatever her hangup, it apparently outweighs what qualms she might have about doing very bad things".[12]

Mitzi is a smoker.[15] She carries a small gun on her person.[16] She also appears to have some experience with brawling, as even while she is intoxicated she holds her own against Virgil in "Knee-jerk".

At some point in the past, Mitzi was a member of Zib's band. She sang and played the ukulele.[17] Additionally, Zib and possibly others referred to Mitzi as "Martini Mitzi" for her ability to out-drink cats twice her size.[18] Mitzi notes to Zib in "Mata Hari" that she has gained some weight since her time with the band.

"Portraiture" reveals that Mitzi has a large number of photographs in her home. Tracy has confirmed that Mitzi took many of these pictures herself, including the picture seen in "Rendezvous".[12]

Mitzi left a prior relationship to be with Atlas.[10] Since his death, Mitzi has fallen on hard times. She has sold a house, cars and even her wedding china, and is desperate enough for money that she steals a blank check from Wick's business, though she retains a pearl necklace, the first gift Atlas ever gave her.[19]


Mitzi is depicted as a human in "Preview 0012", "Mitzi" and "Counterpart". She is also shown snuggled up with a human Wick in "Mitzi and Wick". Human Mitzi can be seen in color in "Mitzi" and "Mitzi - Unfinished Painting".



Mitzi and Asa are on a first-name basis, as established in "Demurral". While Mitzi previously described Asa as an "old friend"[20], Asa appears to be somewhat dismissive of her, advising her during a phonecall to consider closing Lackadaisy "before someone gets hurt", and talking over her during the discussion. He later tells Mordecai he does not have time to deal with her. Despite Asa's interest in driving Mitzi out of business, he claims that he does not want her hurt[21] and is trying to look out for her, even offering to let her and Zib's band perform at Marigold in "Loggerheads". Before leaving their luncheon, Mitzi notes sympathetically that Asa looks troubled.


Mitzi left a prior relationship to be with Atlas.[10] A flashback in "Bygones" reveals that Mitzi met Atlas at the Marigold Room, while she was a member of Zib's band. She was married to Atlas for approximately five years prior to his murder, and there is some suspicion that she may have been involved in his death.[22][23] In "Arithmophobia", Mitzi is shown talking to a portrait of Atlas that hangs in her office. In "Rendezvous", Mitzi is talking with Wick when she grows distracted by a picture of Atlas and the old Lackadaisy crew that is hanging in Little Daisy; immediately afterward she kisses Wick.

"Hamstring" establishes that Mordecai and Mitzi both have information about Atlas's death that they have not shared with others. Additionally there is a flashback that shows them exchanging a gun, though it is unclear whether this is related to Atlas's death.

In "Veracity", Mitzi tells Wick that she loved Atlas and had no role in his death.

The first gift Atlas ever gave Mitzi was a pearl necklace that she is still wearing in "Vestige". She treasures it because he presented her with it just after she had performed the Mata Hari song, and she could not believe that someone like him was interested in her. The gift of the necklace made her feel like a lady. Zib was present when Atlas gave Mitzi the necklace, and in "Vestige" he compares it to a leash, and accidentally breaks it when Mitzi backs away from him while he is touching it.


Mitzi does not have any significant interactions with Freckle prior to the pig farmers' attack upon Lackadaisy. After Freckle has incapacitated them, Mitzi observes to Rocky that he is good at dealing with such problems.[24]


Mordecai seems to feel little beyond contempt for Mitzi. In "Monomania", he states that he states that he considers her partially responsible for Atlas's death, and goes on to state that she brought her current problems on herself, and can bring nothing but disgrace to Lackadaisy.

In "Demurral" it is made clear that Mitzi knows Mordecai, and specifically is aware that he works for Asa. It is further made clear that their relationship is not amicable, as in "Luncheon", Mitzi refers to Mordecai's presence during her meeting with Asa as,"a helping of salt to rub in my wounds".

"Hamstring" establishes that Mordecai and Mitzi both have information about Atlas's death that they have not shared with others. Additionally there is a flashback that shows them exchanging a gun, though it is unclear whether this is related to Atlas's death.


Rocky appears to consider Mitzi something of a damsel in distress, stating to Viktor in "Spaghetti", that he does not know how she would survive if Rocky quit. This is more pronounced in "Bunny-box", where Rocky refers to Mitzi as "Lady Dionysus" and waxes poetic about her.

Rocky once presented Mitzi with a cactus to watch over her while she slept, but Mitzi insisted that he keep it.[25]


Mitzi is Viktor's employer, and as such he seems to grant her somewhat more latitude than others. In "Growltiger", she calls him, "Vinegar Tom", and tries to encourage Viktor, not for the first time, to wear a tuxedo, as she believes he would look good...and less one. According to Mitzi, Viktor was measured for a tuxedo previously, after they got him very drunk. After Horatio sides with Mitzi, Viktor agrees to wear a tuxedo to Horatio's funeral, leading Mitzi to point out that Viktor has a tendency to confuse threats and compromises.

Viktor seems to be very irritated when Mitzi pokes fun of his disability in "Hallelujah".

Viktor seems to have a guarded opinion of Mitzi, as after Rocky indicates that he considers Mitzi a damsel in distress in "Bunny-box", Viktor replies that Mitzi is, "vulnerable as like bear trap".

Mitzi appears genuinely concerned for Viktor when Zib mentions that he is "down" in "Malarkey". This is further evidenced in "Lassitude", when she notes that it has not been a good year for him, between being shot in the chest and having his good knee injured. Mitzi later tells Wick that Viktor is one of the, "few vestiges", she has left and that she could not do without him.[26]


Mitzi's interest in Wick is established in "Formaldehyde", where she notes an article about him in the paper. In "Overture" it appears the interest may be mutual, as Wick claims that it was his pleasure to bring Church and their associates to Lackadaisy. Wick also encourages Mitzi, saying that she can convince Church to invest in Lackadaisy if she discusses the potential for profit. After a mildly coercive discussion with Ivy in which she says that it is the chivalrous thing to do, Wick pays for Doctor Quackenbush to attend to Viktor in "Lassitude"; Quackenbush tells Mitzi that Wick is paying the bill.

In "Rendezvous", after thanking him for paying for Quackenbush's visit, Mitzi claims that Wick is a nice man, and she would, "hate to..." What she would hate to do is not stated, as Mitzi grows distracted by a picture of the old Lackadaisy crew and particularly Atlas before she and Wick kiss.

In "Briar-patch" Wick tells Mitzi that he has been interested in her since she was married. Mitzi notes that she was aware of his interest, and that Wick is fortunate that Atlas did not have him shot. In "Mephistopheles", Wick rejects Mitzi on the grounds that while he would be willing to pursue a personal relationship with her, he is unwilling to get involved professionally. Wick drops Mitzi off at her home in "Chauffeur"; their parting is rather cool.

After having stolen a check from Wick's company, Mitzi notes to Zib that even if Wick finds out what happened, he is too nice to take action against Mitzi.[27]


Zib "found" Mitzi in Georgia and they ultimately came to Lackadaisy together.[1] Zib and Mitzi were involved with each other prior to her marriage to Atlas, as suggested in "Bohemia Way" and explicitly stated by Tracy in "Tiny Narratives (Q&A)". . Mitzi and Zib have been acquainted long enough that she is used to him bringing up "dismal philosophical discussions". Zib knows her real name, which is apparently uncommon knowledge.[1] In "Killjoy", when Zib tries to convince her to evacuate Lackadaisy due to the impending invasion by the pig farmers, Mitzi initially thinks Zib is winding up for another such discussion. Their relationship is comfortable enough that Zib can good-naturedly rib Mitzi for not kissing Wick in "Mystique". Mitzi in turn is surprised to see Zib conscious before dark.

At some point in the past, Mitzi told Zib that they would not be "cashing friends in like poker chips"; he reminds Mitzi of this when Mitzi offers him money from a check she stole from Wick's company. She retorts that she has no choice at this point.[19] Zib ultimately accepts the money, but his opinion of Mitzi seems to have changed; he tells her that while he knew she married a villain, he did not consider her to be one.[1]


The earliest depiction of Mitzi can be seen in "Protocats" - it bears little resemblance to her current appearance.

Tracy has confirmed that the surname of "May" is intentional.[22]

There is evidence that Tracy intends or intended for Mitzi and Wick to be a couple. "Wintertime" and "Tiddlywinks" shows Mitzi and Wick expressing more fondness for each other than has been established in the comic.

"After-party" depicts Freckle sleeping against a couch with empty liquor bottles nearby. Mitzi is resting on Rocky atop the couch. This would seem to be an unlikely development given the course of the comic so far.

Tracy has stated that there will be flashbacks in the comic to Atlas and Mitzi's married life.[10]

The gun Mitzi carries, shown in "Malarkey", is based on the Beretta 1919 6.35mm.[28]