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Asa's office

Asa's office is located in the Hotel Maribel. During "Vaudevillian", Asa and Mordecai meet with Avril, one of the pig farmers, there.

Bevo Mill

The Bevo Mill is a restaurant located in south St. Louis, built in 1916. The term also refers to the neighborhood within which the restaurant is located.[1] Asa and Mitzi meet at the Bevo Mill in "Luncheon". Tracy based her depiction of the Bevo Mill on pictures taken by J.R. Eike that were part of the Thomas Kempland collection.[2]

Forest Park

Forest Park is a public park located in western St. Louis.[3]. In "Retinue", Wick suggests that he and Mitzi go to Forest Park.

Hotel Maribel

The Hotel Maribel is first seen in "Cutthroat". It contains a speakeasy where individuals associated with Marigold, including Asa, Mordecai, Nico and Serafine are congregating.

Little Daisy garage

The Little Daisy garage is where the vehicles used by the Lackadaisy crew are stored, including the car and truck. It is first shown in "Quantentheorie". The garage has a trapdoor that leads into the caverns connecting to Lackadaisy.[4]

Mayfair Room

Mentioned in "Quarrymen". Wick has promised to treat Church and his associates to dinner at the Mayfair Room.

Pig farm

The pig farm is where the pig farmers live and work. In "Scathefire", Rocky and Freckle visit and ultimately destroy the farm. The farm included a house, a garage with three vehicles[5] and a barn containing a still.

St. Louis Art Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum, located in Forest Park, is one of the principal United States art museums.[6] In "Doublet", Wick and Mitzi go boating on a lake in Forest Park near the museum.

Union Trust Building

Mitzi asks Rocky to deliver a letter to the Union Trust Building in "Arithmophobia". Wick's office is located here.[7]


Mentioned in "Quarrymen" by one of Church's unnamed associates, the Valerian is apparently a speakeasy that has been recently raided.

Wick's house

Wick's house is first seen in "Grindstone". It is a spacious home that includes a separate wing, a gazebo, and an office for Wick and Lacy. According to Tracy, the look of the house is based loosely on an early 20th century French-style mansion in Florissant, Missouri named Vouziers.[8]


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