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There is also the list of primary characters.


Abelard Arbogast[1] is the driver of the hearse that strikes Rocky while he and Ivy are in Defiance searching for alcohol. Abelard first appears in "Haymaker", discussing matters with Bobby, his passenger, after having damaged the hearse while pursuing Rocky and Ivy, and is named in "Predicament". He is dressed in a minister's outfit, and in "Haymaker", Bobby refers to him as an "ordained maniac". Ivy threatens Abelard and Bobby with a gun that she took from their hearse in "Jellybeans", though after Bobby indicates that he believes Ivy and Rocky are just trying to steal their liquor, Ivy points out that they intended to purchase it. However, Bobby states that their simply being present is now an issue. In "Brimstone", Abelard advances on Ivy and demands that she give him the gun, but quickly backs down when she fires several bullets into the hearse. Ivy asks them what it will take to convince them that they are all on the same side, and Bobby asks what bootleggers Ivy is affiliated with. Abelard, Bobby and Ivy take Rocky's unconscious body to the Arbogast Funeral Home in "Undertaker", where Elsa, Abelard's sister, tends to his head wound. Abelard is largely quiet as Bobby and Elsa relate the history of their involvement with Lackadaisy to Ivy in "Medicament" and "Gravediggers", though he does interject at one point, noting that the individuals who had begun robbing their supplies of liquor also shot their organ player. Abelard finally interrupts Bobby's storytelling in "Bygones". At that point, Ivy asks them to go into business with Lackadaisy again, but they flatly refuse. Bobby and Abelard explain to Ivy in "Coercion" that they are now working for Marigold, who insist on exclusivity. By threatening them with Viktor's retaliation for their wounding of Rocky, she convinces them to negotiate.

Abelard is a reverend and the village minister.[1] He is in his early 50s.[2] His religion is Lutheran, probably Missouri Synod.[2]

Abelard is depicted in color on the new character page, and as a human in "Abelard". Tracy has noted that his design is inspired by Peter Cushing.[3]

Mrs. Bapka

Mrs. Bapka, first shown in "Dotage", is Viktor's upstairs neighbor. As evidenced in "Dotage" she is an elderly woman who appears to have little knowledge of English; most of her dialog is in a foreign language. In "Dotage" she interrupts a conversation between Ivy, Rocky, Freckle and Viktor, wanting Viktor's assistance to fix her sink. Due to Viktor's injuries, Freckle and Ivy go in his place. In "Handyman", she watches while Ivy and Freckle fix her sink and discover that one of the pipes is filled with small fish. In "Sandwich", Mrs. Bapka, perhaps inadvertently, uses the fish while making sandiwches for Ivy and Freckle.

In "Tannenbaum", it is shown that Mrs. Bapka once gave Viktor a fuzzy green sweater for the holidays...or possibly because it was cold outside and he was shoveling snow.

Viktor and Ivy appear to understand Mrs. Bapka, while Rocky does not.[4][5] Mrs. Bapka, like Viktor, is a Slovak.[6]

Mrs. Bapka is depicted in color on the new character page.

Benjy Jessup

Benjy Jessup
The last sighting of Benjy Jessup?

An associate of the pig farmers, Benjy Jessup is first mentioned in "Lambaste". During the attack on the pig farm, Benjy was playing checkers and shooting squirrels with Emery, one of the farmers. In "Muckamuck", Emery is sent by Avril to retrieve Jessup, as he owns a truck and the farmers' vehicles have been destroyed in Rocky's attack.

Benjy is first seen in "Bunny-box", the pig farmers riding in the back of his truck while he drives, following Rocky and Viktor after they have procured liquor from Captain Kehoe. In "Drygulch", Benjy and the farmers approach the Little Daisy garage with guns openly displayed. After Viktor notes their approach and turns off the lights in the garage, Benjy asks whether the farmers have been seen, but Avril replies that he does not care. Benjy and the farmers break into the garage and engage Viktor in a firefight in "Myopia" after Benjy quotes Maj. Gen. John Pope.

Benjy is next seen in "Rowdydow", where it appears he may be attempting to leave the garage when Ivy walks in. Seeing Viktor approaching from the other direction, Benjy attempts to shoot him, but Ivy throws off his aim. Benjy almost shoots Ivy, though this appears to be accidental, before Viktor punches him out. Viktor subsequently punches him out, and in "Stranglehold" puts Benjy in a stranglehold. Ivy leaves to get assistance for Viktor even though he claims...poorly...that he does not need it, and Benjy asks her not to leave. After Benjy states that he just wants to go to his truck and leave, Viktor states that it is now his truck.

Benjy does not appear in the comic again, though in "Houdini" a tail is seen hanging out of the back of the Lackadaisy truck while Viktor and Ivy are discussing Benjy's whereabouts. In a forum posting, Tracy confirmed that Benjy is dead at Viktor's hands.[7]

Benjy is depicted in color with the pig farmers on the new character page.



Bix is Wick's chauffeur. He first appears driving Wick's car in "Quacksalver". Lacy later mentions Bix in "Mephistopheles", noting that she would like a ride home and Bix is not around to drive her.


Cecil is mentioned in "Rhubarb" as an acquaintance of Ivy's who apparently became afraid of her at some point. Ivy confronts Viktor, asking whether he is responsible for Cecil's change of heart, and Viktor responds that Cecil, "vas...no good" after calling "Cecil" a terrible name, apparently in part because nothing rhymes with it.


Chad is seen in "Academia". He is Ivy's ex-boyfriend. When seen he is in a wheelchair, with his arms and legs broken. Upon seeing Ivy he retreats swiftly, leaving Ivy to wonder, "Why does that always happen?" In "Rhubarb", Ivy confronts Viktor, asking whether he is responsible for Chad's change of heart, and Viktor responds that Chad, "vas...bad".


Church as a human

An associate of Wick's and an investor in Sable Stone and Quarry[1], Edmund[1] Church generally appears with two unnamed associates. Though he associates with Wick, he often speaks of him acerbically. Based on his attire Church is upper-class. In "Quarrymen", Church appears less interested in Wick's blasting of a new quarry, much less Wick's interest in rocks, than in his promise to take Church and his associates to dinner at the Mayfair Room afterwards. When Wick proposes going out after dinner, Church favors Marigold as, "the only worthwhile venue around here these days", though Wick considers Marigold to be, "suffocatingly ritzy". Wick, Church and their associates arrive at Lackadaisy in "Hallelujah".

In "Overture", Church and his companions are openly skeptical of Mitzi's proposal for investing in Lackadaisy, and Mitzi is interrupted when Rocky arrives with the liquor he obtained from Captain Kehoe. Though Church seems uninterested in Mitzi's offer, Wick encourages her to continue, stating that Church will come around if Mitzi emphasizes the potential for profit.

In "Killjoy", Zib attempts to convince Mitzi to get everyone to leave Lackadaisy ahead of the pig farmers; when she resists he takes matters into his own hands, announcing that the speakeasy is being raided and pushing Ivy, Wick, Church and their associates out the door, though Mitzi refuses to go with them. Church notes to Wick in "Caveat" that it is likely for the best, as he feels there are numerous other, legal investment opportunities available. Church goes on to suggest that Wick brought Church and his associates there so that Wick would make a good impression on Mitzi. After Wick refers to Mitzi as a "damsel in distress", Church notes that according to rumor she is "anything but", and advises Wick that continuing his involvement with Lackadaisy could harm his standing. Wick and Church part ways for the evening in "Quacksalver", with Wick noting that he is tired of Church's vitriol, though he does refer to Church as a friend.

Church enjoys playing golf.[1] With regards to Church's voice, Tracy has noted that it would probably consist of, "Bored affluence and a little disdain for everything around him in his voice - not too much of a 'snob' caricature, though. There’s at least a trace of genuineness to him".[8]

A human Church appears in "Counterpart", and he is depicted in color on the new character page.


Claude is mentioned in "Rhubarb" as an acquaintance of Ivy's who apparently became afraid of her at some point. Ivy confronts Viktor, asking whether he is responsible for Claude's change of heart, and Viktor responds that Claude, "vas...flawed".


Cuddy is an apparent alcoholic whom Asa relates a joke about in "Cutthroat".


Elsa, who first appears in "Undertaker", is Bobby's wife[1] and the sister of Abelard, and works at the Arbogast Funeral Home as a mortician, with Abelard and Bobby. In "Undertaker" it is revealed that Elsa and Bobby are close, and he asks her to tend to the injuries Rocky sustained in "Haymaker". Elsa claims in "Medicament" that she is a former nurse. Bobby notes that he met her shortly after World War I. When Bobby notes that Ivy claimed she was sent to them by Viktor, Elsa expresses concern for Viktor and surprise that he did not come to Defiance himself. Ivy notes that Viktor is "slightly indisposed". While they discuss their connections to Lackadaisy, Elsa notes that Atlas was always "difficult to read", but, "mild, softspoken", though Bobby seems more dubious, referring to Atlas as, "Machiavellian". Elsa cuts Bobby off as he is sharing more of their involvement with Lackadaisy with Ivy in "Gravediggers", asking him not to tell Ivy any further "awful stories", though Ivy is eager to hear more. After Ivy convinces Abelard and Bobby to negotiate with her for alcohol in "Coercion", Elsa asks to speak with Ivy alone. Elsa and Ivy speak alone in "Brokerage", and while making it obvious that she thinks Ivy is in over her head, Elsa also makes it clear that she knows Viktor did not send Ivy to Defiance, as he would "just as soon send his own daughter"...effectively revealing that Viktor has one. Elsa additionally reveals that Viktor has a wife in "Antidote" who his daughter lives with. When Ivy asks where they are, Elsa states that she believes Viktor's family is not in St. Louis because Viktor believes it is best for them to be elsewhere. When Ivy asks why Elsa is involved with bootlegging, Elsa tells her that after the war she did not want to be in a place with people or noise. Before giving Ivy medicine for Rocky, Elsa adds that she hopes Ivy does not have reasons to be a bootlegger...and is smart enough not to invent them.

Elsa is in her late 30s, slightly younger than Bobby.[2]

Elsa is depicted as a human in "Elsa Faces", and shown in color on the new character page.


Horatio Bruno
Horatio as a human

The doorman for Lackadaisy, Horatio Bruno[1] first appears in a photograph seen in "Introduction 3". Horatio first appears with dialog in "Growltiger". He joins Mitzi in attempting to convince Viktor to wear a tuxedo. They are predictably unsuccessful. Horatio later greets Ivy and Freckle when they come to Lackadaisy in "Wishy-washy", displeasing Ivy by asking whether she has, "found another one already". After Ivy, Wick, Church and the other Lackadaisy patrons are ejected from the speakeasy by Zib in "Killjoy", Ivy tells Horatio in "Caveat" that she will reenter the club through the garage.

Horatio appears in the background of a New Year's picture taken in Lackadaisy in 1926, shown in "New Year". He started at Lackadaisy as a busboy and waiter, but after Atlas's murder became the doorman and bouncer as much of the former staff had left for greener pastures. When nobody is looking he can sing like an opera tenor.[1]

According to the Lackadaisy character page, Horatio was born on July 12, 1906, in St. Louis, Missouri, though Tracy previously stated that he is 24 years old at the start of the comic, suggesting a birth year of 1903.[1][9] Horatio is left-handed. According to Tracy, his voice would sound, "Shy, soft-spoken. He sounds exactly the opposite of what a doorman/bouncer should sound like, akin to the way Mike Tyson’s voice perfectly mismatches his appearance and occupation".[8]

A human Horatio appears in "Counterpart".

Ivy's friends

Ivy's friends, Nell and Maggie[10], are seen in "Academia". Ivy discusses her summer plans briefly with them before she is distracted by the arrival of Chad.


Captain Kehoe

A bootlegger who captains a sternwheel diesel tow boat on the Mississippi River.[11] Kehoe first appears in "Rumrunner" when Rocky makes arrangements with him to procure liquor at English Cave. He has the distinction of being the second character to be given dialog. In "Formaldehyde", Mitzi does not appear overly disappointed when she believes Rocky has not procured alcohol from Kehoe, suspecting that it, "has an unusually high content of embalming fluid anyway."

Kehoe next appears in "Bunny-box", delivering alcohol to Rocky and Viktor. He does not speak in this episode. Based on Mitzi's reactions in "Overture", Kehoe's liquor is sub-par. Mitzi later mentions him in "Interloper", noting that if Lackadaisy is to ever reclaim its former glory it will need access to better liquor than Kehoe can provide.

Kehoe is known as the Crusty Bugger among the crew of his boat, which is named the Crust Bucket.[1]

Tracy has noted of Kehoe's voice that, "When he opens his mouth, gravelly contempt falls out".[8]

Kehoe is depicted in color on the new character page.


Lacy as a human

Lacy Hardt[12] is Wick's secretary. She is first seen in "Overtime", in which she delivers Mitzi's invitation for Wick to come to Lackadaisy the following evening. Lacy next appears in "Grindstone", working with Wick at his house and threatening to stop bringing Wick coffee if she catches him pouring liquor into it. She observes Mitzi's arrival and Wick asks her to stall Mitzi. Lacy next appears in "Mephistopheles", in which she approaches Wick for a ride home because Bix is not around. While Wick is discussing business with Lacy in "Sneakthief", Mitzi steals a blank check for Sable Stone and Quarry from Lacy's purse, where Lacy was keeping the checkbook to ensure it would return to the office. Mitzi proceeds to have a conversation with Lacy where she talks about the dark fates that often befall snitches. After Wick drops Mitzi off in "Chauffeur", Lacy asks Wick whether they can stop for coffee, only because she wants to discuss his relationship with Mitzi. After Wick tells her that they have "called off the parade", Lacy expresses relief; she found Mitzi odd, and additionally noted that Mitzi had gone through her purse and took Mitzi's conversation with her as a threat.

Lacy appears having breakfast with Wick in "Conversations", in which it is revealed that Tracy eavesdrops upon her characters' conversations. Lacy notes that Wick has poured whiskey into his scrambled eggs.

Lacy was born on September 6, 1904 in Peoria, Illinois, making her 23 years old at the time of the comic[1], though Tracy initially stated that Lacy is 26 years old.[9] She enjoys drinking Earl Grey tea and is a talented tennis player.[10][1] Lacy tried playing tennis while bored during a lawn party, and later played casually at public courts before joining a competitive amateur circuit. She also attended secretarial school and learned how to type, though she did not find it very challenging.[13] With regards to Lacy's voice, Tracy has noted that, "Counter to Mitzi’s mien, she sounds like the quintessential ordinary urban girl – uncultured but with the ring of practical smarts".[8] Lacy is a non-smoker.[14] Lacy has above-average intelligence.[2]

Lacy is depicted in color in "Preview 0026". A human Lacy appears in "Counterpart" and "Lacy".

Leo Quackenbush

Leo Quackenbush

Doctor Leo Quackenbush is, according to Ivy in "Quacksalver", a "horse doctor parading as a-". He enters the story when Ivy calls him in, "Quacksalver", wanting him to look at the injured Viktor. Ivy states or reminds Quackenbush that she is Atlas's goddaughter, and that he owes Lackadaisy a favor, though he apparently responds that it is Lackadaisy that owes him a favor. He agrees to look at Viktor when Ivy tells him that she will pay cash. Quackenbush is first seen in "Lassitude", having already removed the bullet from Viktor's chest when Mitzi and Zib arrive. He notes that he's given Viktor chloral hydrate as a painkiller, in part because in the recent past Viktor almost removed Quackenbush's arms. He also notes that Viktor may contract pneumonia and tells Mitzi that Wick paid for his medical services.

Quackenbush lives in St. Louis County.[15]

Doctor Quackenbush's name is "a rather shameless reference" to Dr. Hackenbush, a character portrayed by Groucho Marx in A Day at the Races. Tracy also has an acquaintance who works in feline welfare named Quackenbush.[16]

Reuben Pepper

Reuben "Ruby" Pepper[10] is Ivy's father. He is mentioned in "Academia" and seen sitting opposite Atlas in a photo in "Rendezvous". He is alive at this point in the comic, and wishes for Ivy to return home for the summer, though she is deliberately failing a class in order to remain in St. Louis while taking a make-up class.

In "Tannenbaum", Ivy gives Viktor a green-and-yellow hat and matching yellow scarf, though only because she does not want her father to know that she spent money.

Tracy has stated that Ruby was Atlas's friend when they were in school, and became an ally in liquor trafficking. Their relationship was close enough for Ruby to consider Atlas a sort of elder brother, and make him Ivy's godfather. Ivy knew Atlas, but not especially well.[10] In "Medicament", Ivy recalls going to St. Louis with Ruby as a child, and being treated like royalty when they visited Lackadaisy. Bobby theorizes in "Gravediggers" that Ruby helped Atlas to arrange for trains reaching Defiance to be loaded with liquor, and that the money Ruby made through this arrangement may be paying for Ivy's education.

Ruby and his wife currently live in Kansas City, Missouri.[16] Besides Ivy, they have a much younger daughter and son as well. The younger children are part of the reason that Ruby is no longer involved with Lackadaisy, as well as why Ivy has as much free rein as she does.[2]

Sammy Scruggs

Sammy Scruggs is buried by Rocky and Freckle among Nina's rhodedendrons in "Slipshod". According to Rocky he snitched out Rocky and Freckle hoping to make money.


Sniffles was shot in a car by Mordecai very shortly before the events of "Sordid Sniffles". According to Viktor he was a good driver who suffered from a sinus problem. Mordecai retorts that Sniffles's sinus problems were displeasing and he smelled a little bit like mayonnaise.

The Poor Schmuck

While driving together with The Poor Schmuck bound and gagged in the backseat of the car in "Quick-fix", Viktor and Mordecai get into an argument regarding the vehicle's symmetry, to the point that Viktor forgets he should be focusing on driving. The problem is resolved by removing The Schmuck from the equation.


Virgil first appears in "Backalley", in which he attempts to mug Zib and Mitzi using a can opener. Zib appears to be acquainted with Virgil, telling him that he would give him money if he had any to spare. Virgil returns to Zib and Mitzi in "Mata Hari", drawn to the spilled pearls from Mitzi's broken necklace. When Mitzi tries to stop Virgil from taking the pearls a confrontation ensues. Though Zib tries to break them up, Mitzi ultimately claws Virgil's left eye, then kicks him in the chin in "Knee-jerk". After Zib has accepted Mitzi's money and she has departed, Virgil asks Zib for a dollar in "Blood-money". In "Scapegoat", after Virgil says that he is thirsty, Zib offers him liquor from a flask; because of Virgil's injuries Zib pours the flask into Virgil's mouth. They are interrupted by the arrival of two police officers. Zib begins trying to explain what is going on, but then pours more of the liquor onto Virgil's face before chugging the remainder of it. After he suggests to the officers that he has solved their problem by consuming the liquor and tossing the flask aside, he proceeds to insult one of the cops.

Virgil and Zib are next seen in a holding cell in "Misdemeanor". Zib assures Virgil that he should be able to post bail for them with the cash he received from Mitzi, only to learn that the cops have stolen the money. Dom Drago overhears the conversation and tells Zib that he probably could not find a judge to arraign them until after the holiday weekend in any case. He also assures Zib that his money will be returned as long as it is on the level.

Virgil appears to be somewhat slow-witted, in addition to being down on his luck and potentially homeless. He has some missing teeth, and the edge of his right ear is frayed. Zib describes Virgil to Mitzi as, "a desperate panhandler".[17]

Virgil is depicted in color on the new character page.

Wes Clyde

Wes Clyde first appears in "Breakdown", approaching Rocky and Ivy while they are returning to St. Louis from Defiance.