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A list of mini-comics that are somewhat loosely affiliated with the primary story being told.

This is a list of the artwork featured in the "Early Concept Art" section of the Gallery on the main Lackadaisy site. A brief description and significance to the overall storyline is included.

Name of Mini-Comic Description
"Baby Vamp" Rocky, Freckle and Wick ogle a woman and speak in the language of the day.
"Bee-Glue" Set in 1914, Rocky tries to glue flapjacks to Freckle to attract bees. It goes as well as one would expect.
"Sordid Sniffles" Viktor and Mordecai discuss the flaws of Sniffles, their driver, after Mordecai has resolved their differences.
"Valentino" Viktor and Mordecai discuss making eyes at a woman. Whether they succeed is left as an exercise for the reader (and author).
"Quick-fix" Viktor and Mordecai resolve a conflict over symmetry by removing The Poor Schmuck from the equation.
"Massacre" Viktor and Mordecai discuss Mordecai's complicated emotions in the aftermath of a...well, a massacre.
"Shenanigans" Rocky and Freckle learn the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day.
"Tannenbaum" Viktor learns the true meaning of Christmas, courtesy of his friends. Mordecai smiles in a non-threatening manner.
"Wassail" Viktor and Mordecai spook a number of carolers and make cranberry sauce and murder pie.
"Reader Question: Viktor" What happens when Viktor wins a really large check?
"Serious Cat" Mordecai being serious...mostly.
"Pancakes" Why is Rocky obsessed with pancakes?
"Jughands" Rocky approaches an unimpressed Zib for help extracting his hands from jugs.
"A Thing For You" Rocky attempts to present Mitzi with a symbol of his affection for her. Featuring the first (though surely not the last) appearance of Cactus Friend.
"Baldface" What would Freckle look like if he was shaved?
"Dead Duck" The Tragic Story of Wick and The Duck, featuring an appearance by Lacy.
"Vermin" What happened when Mordecai stole Lackadaisy's firearms?
"Shower" Freckle's morning routine.
"Beam" The dangers of Mitzi complimenting Rocky.
"Sophistry" Mordecai and Rocky compare pancakes and waffles as only they can.
"Photoplay" Mitzi trying to photographically capture Mordecai's essence.
"Awkward" Is Rocky supposed to look awkward when drawn? Featuring an appearance by Zib.
"Mornings" What Mordecai, Zib, Mitzi and Rocky look like upon waking up. Featuring a cameo by Cactus Friend.
"Prohibition" The Rise and Fall of the Prohibition on Clothes
"Halloween" Our Favorite Cats dress up for Halloween!
"Fangirls" What does Viktor think of fangirls? Things get derailed by Rocky, as they do.
"Critique" What makes Mordecai smile? Remembering an experience he had critiquing art with Rose.