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The McMurray House is where Nina and Freckle live. It is first seen from the outside in "Reciprocity", though it is not shown in full until "Homestead". Portions of the interior are first shown in "Benediction".

The propery includes a front lawn and a detached garage. The house itself is two stories tall.[1] There is also a backyard.[2] Freckle and Nina's bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the second floor of the house.[3] The first floor includes a kitchen and at least one other room.[4]

Tracy based the design of the McMurray House on her own home, built in approximately 1910.[1]

In "Breakdown", Rocky tells Ivy that while his mother was "chasing red death" and Ransom was working on the railroad, the McMurray House was often a better home to him than his own home. Rocky caused a few issues though, and ultimately accepted responsibility for a larger problem, causing him to be kicked out, in part so that Freckle could attend school with fewer distractions.


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