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The Marigold Room is Lackadaisy's chief competition. While Church considers it, "the only worthwhile venue around here" in the timeframe of the comic, Wick calls it, "suffocatingly ritzy".[1] During the timeframe of the comic, Asa, Mordecai, and Nico and Serafine Savoy are affiliated with Marigold. In "Loggerheads", Asa offers to allow Mitzi and Zib's band to perform at Marigold.

In "Revenuer", Dom Drago asks Zib whether he is familiar with Marigold, suspecting that Marigold may be Zib's employer.

In the comic

Volume 2

In "Gravediggers", while Bobby relates the story of his, Elsa's and Abelard's involvement with Lackadaisy, he mentions that liquor that was being stolen from them was being sold to "boys from the city", who were involved in a turf war with Marigold. In , Atlas, Mordecai and Viktor put a stop to this.


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