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The Little Daisy Cafe is a restaurant that also serves as the front for Lackadaisy. The cafe is first seen from the outside in "Introduction 1". As established in that episode, its street number is 313. Originally owned by Atlas, his widow, Mitzi took possession of the cafe upon his death.

In the comic

In "Formaldehyde", Mitzi and Ivy are having a conversation in the cafe when they are interrupted by the arrival of Rocky. This episode establishes that while the cafe is a front for Lackadaisy it is also a functioning business, though Rocky seems surprised by the presence of a customer.

In "Surreption", Rocky and Freckle stop by Little Daisy after their attack on the pig farm. Upon meeting him, Ivy takes an immediate interest in Freckle. Though Rocky discourages talking about Lackadaisy in Freckle's presence, Ivy distracts Rocky and then slips Freckle a Lackadaisy pin.

The cafe next appears in "Growltiger". Ivy is waiting for Freckle in Little Daisy when Mitzi arrives. After a brief discussion, Mitzi proceeds to Lackadaisy via a secret door located in Little Daisy's pantry.