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Issue What we Learn
Introduction 1 1920 - Prohibition starts in St. Louis on July 1 Atlas May owns and operates the Little Daisy Cafe.
Introduction 2 Lackadaisy Speakeasy is opened. Atlas dies in 1926.
Introduction 3 Mizi takes over LD. By 1927 LD is on the rocks.
Rumrunner Intro of Rocky and Captain Kehoe. Rocky assaulted by pig farmers.
Hydrophoby One of the farmers identified as Avril. Rocky placed in truck with pig that went mad, Rocky names the dead pig Frothy.
Crack-Track Rocky is placed on the rails.
Sunshine Emery identified as a pig-farmer. Rocky to be runover by the Sunshine Special. Rocky\'s tie is a Mercerized cotton-silk blend.
Face-plant Rocky escapes the train.
Formaldehyde Mitzi and Ivy introduced. Wick and Viktor mentioned.
Quantentheorie Rocky\'s wordiness on full display. First appearance of Viktor. Ivy mentions she\'s in school. Opened lock is shown. Viktor\'s bad knees mentioned. Ivy and Viktor\'s chemistry shown.
Spaghetti Viktor tells Rocky to quiet. Rocky has romantic feelings for Mitzi? Viktor has worked for 7 years. Rocky has been in a lot of scrapes. Rocky gets his idea for revenge (Viktor hinted at it?) Rocky moves back to his car, Viktor in truck.
Arithmophobia Mitzi talks to Atlas\' portrait. Wick\'s full name - Sedgewick Sable. Having a quarry blasted. Rocky knows Mitzi talks to portrait (now, at least). Wick works at Union Trust building.
Overtime Wick\'s first appearance. Wick is easily startled. Lacy introduced and named, Wick\'s secretary. Mitzi invites Wick & Co. to LD.
Dithyramb Rocky the Poet
Reciprocity Nina introduced as Rocky\'s aunt. Rocky\'s last name is Roark. Nina says Rocky plays the violin for a living. Calvin named and seen in final panel. He ws an officer in training at the academy, left due to some sort of incident.
Coconspirator Rocky recruits Calvin
Scathefire Calvin really wanted to be a policeman. Rocky starts a fire. Rocky calls Calvin \"Freckle\".
Blitzwagen More madness @ the pig farmers\'.
Bedlamite Rocky is more than a little crazy, driving a car that\'s on fire.
Sockdolager More fun with fire.
Schadenfreude Rocky has a crazy laugh. Rocky and Calvin flee the scene.
Brouhaha Calvin might be a bit crazy himself. He doesn\'t like it, unlike Rocky.
Surreption Rocky takes Calvin to Little Daisy. Rocky is in the band which plays in the basement because of the better acoustics. Ivy\'s last name is Pepper. Rocky has a pancake fetish. Ivy is instantly smitten with Calvin. Rocky doesn\'t want to bring Calvin to LD. Rocky\'s tie is lucky, or so he claims. Ivy passes an LD button to Calvin.
Benediction Nina is Rocky\'s aunt, Calvin\'s mom.
Quarrymen Wick loves rocks. Mayfair Room is a restaurant. Valerian was raided, Marigold is the go-to speakeasy but Wick calls it \"ritzy\" and a \"church\".
Lambaste The farmers are owed a favor...but by who? Benjy Jessup mentioned.
Hatchetman Mordecai, Nico and Serafine appear. (in flashback) Nico and Serafine are Creole. Moredecai is quite serious, the other two not-so-much. Nico and Serafine give bodies to the pigs.
Muckamuck Mordecai is a murderer. Emery is getting Benjy Jessup and Jessup\'s truck.
Growltiger Ivy is in school. Horatio introduced - bouncer for LD. Viktor is called Vinegar Tom by Mitzi. Viktor confuses compromises and threat. LD has no servable liquor.
Hallelujah Zib and the band appear. Rocky doesn\'t want to say why he became a moonlighter? Viktor doesn\'t like being teased about his knees. Pianist - Mozzie
Dysphoria Calvin \"fixes things\". Calvin sneaks out.
Cutthroat Asa appears in the Hotel Maribel, Moredcai works for/with him. Mordecai is curious about Nico/Serafine. Last name of Savoy. Mordecai will be working with them, has trouble with their accents? Savoys worked for a small operation before they were acquired.
Vaudevillian Asa is just the messenger, doesn\'t know what\'s really going on. Asa and Mordecai are in league with the pig farmers. Mordecai isn\'t local? Asa\'s last name is Sweet. Mordecai\'s last name is Heller. Mordecai recently procured things for Asa. Will indirectly assist farmers.
Bunny-Box Rocky has sentimental feelings for Mitzi, thinks she is vulnerable. Viktor disagrees. Farmers prepare to ambush Viktor and Rocky.
Drygulch The fun begins.
Myopia More fun with the farmers attacking Viktor.
Imbroglio Ditto. Avery is named.
Overture One of the snooty cats is Mr. Church. The snobs aren\'t overly impressed with Mitzi. Rocky doesn\'t care for Wick? Wick is unnerved by Rocky.
Kibitz Zib and the band aren\'t keen on manual labor. Zib warns Rocky about Rocky\'s new \"pasttime\".
Blindside Rocky, Zib et al. wander into the brouhaha. Zib isn\'t going to stick around.
Latecomer Freckle is shy around girls...or at least Ivy.
Wishy-washy Freckle isn\'t keen on dancing either. Ivy had a dance partner who suffered broken legs/arms in an accident. Rocky lied to Freckle...he\'s working for a gin joint, not upholding justice. Rocky tells Ivy and Calvin about the pig farmers.
Killjoy Mitzi finds Zib\'s philosophical discussions dismal. When Mitzi doesn\'t want the schmoozing to end Zib takes matters into his own paws. Mitzi refuses to abandon LD.
Caveat Wick portrays Mitzi as a Damsel in Distress; Church disagrees.
Malarkey Mitzi carries a gun. Heavier arms are kept in caves in the back. Zib tells Mitzi Viktor is down. Farmers invade LD. Calvin spills the beans on Rocky\'s activities.
Skedaddle Farmers are planning to torch LD. Mitzi really doesn\'t want that. Storeroom is to the left backstage.
Deadlock Someone already unlocked and ransacked the arsenal. They also tidied the shelves. Mitzi thinks she knows who did it. Rocky wants to defend the group.
Doolally Freckle kills a farmer and goes a bit crazy...more than a bit, really.
Rowdydow Ivy reaches the garage, Viktor\'s still alive.
Stranglehold Viktor\'s injured enough to need a doctor. Viktor\'s got the truck-owner in a stranglehold.
Quacksalver Dr. Leo Quackenbush named. Ivy is Atlas\' Goddaughter. Quackenbush owes her(?) a favor. Quackenbush is a \"horse doctor parading as a-\" Quack... claims Ivy/whoever owes -him-. He\'ll accept cash though. Ivy goes to Wick because \"he has money\".
Wherewithal Wick knows Ivy. Viktor can\'t go to the hospital, there are probably outstanding warrants for him according to Ivy. Wick\'s driver is Bix.
Houdini Viktor killed the truck driver, shoved him in back of the truck. Claims to Ivy that he disappeared, but Ivy calls him a poor liar.
Echolalia The caves have bones in them. Freckle is still crazy, enough that he\'s intimidated the farmers into running.
Whizbang Zib doesn\'t handle violence well. One more farmer down.
Rhetoric Rocky tries reasoning with Avril.
Quicklime Freckle killed Avril. Freckle runs when he realizes what he\'s done. Freckle has gone crazy once or twice, never killing people. Mitzi notes that Freckle is good at carnage. Zib hears Calvin called Freckle for the first time.
Palaver Wick is in Little Daisy when Freckle and Rocky burst through. Freckle\'s car (Old Lizzie) takes awhile to start. Freckle really doesn\'t handle the crazy thing well. Rocky left before, doesn\'t want to leave again because he\'s \"tolerated\". Telling Freckle to \"think of what his mother would do\" goes over badly. Freckle flees.
Lassitude Leo gave Chloral Hydrate to Viktor. Stuck in a feud with a \"relentless former associate\". Viktor is basically incapacitated, may get pneumonia. Wick paid for the doc\'s work.
Rendezvous Wick was cleaning up Little Daisy. Viktor is one of the \"vestiges\". Mitzi couldn\'t do without him, says she\'ll pay Wick back thoough he seems to decline. Mitzi discourages him from asking questions. We see old picture of Atlas with Viktor and Mordecai. Mitzi kisses Wick, then they kiss each other. Rocky isn\'t too thrilled to see it.
Daybreak Rocky goes to Nina\'s looking for Calvin. Nina says he\'s still asleep. Rocky thinks he\'s found Calvin a job.
Pinstripes Calvin is practically catatonic. Rocky was booted out as a kid? Calvin did get booted out because of the crazy.
Somersault Nina tends to call Rocky by his last name. Nina is suspicious of Rocky. Nina\'s got no compunctions about knocking Rocky down the stairs. Rocky claims Calvin will be an errand boy. Nina tells Rocky he\'s already squandered his second chances, Calvin is the only person who will follow him.
Memento Calvin\'s last name - McMurray. Calvin is going to be the muscle. Rocky claims Calvin probably won\'t have to shoot anyone else...maybe. Cavlin\'s not good at looking fierce; just looks irritable. Calvin gets his lucky card - 3 of Clubs.
Portraiture Mitzi has a -lot- of pictures in her home. Lives on 3rd floor of LD building - 313. One of the farmers had one of LD\'s guns. Mitzi is still talking to Atlas, this time about his \"wayward golden boy\". Atlas\' office is on 2nd floor. Mitzi is planning to confront \"an old friend\" about the golden boy, worried about more \"parting gestures\".
Demurral Asa claims he didn\'t know the pig farmers had a grievance with LD. Asa doesn\'t know why Mitzi\'s still in business, thinks people will get hurt. Asa will treat Mitzi to lunch. Asa considers LD a distraction. Is bringing Mordecai to \"drive the point home\", was hoping pig farmers would deal with problems.
Proposition Mitzi is bringing Calvin and Rocky to the lunch.
Luncheon Mordecai considers the LD situation a distraction from other tasks he has. Asa is in management. Mitzi isn\'t thrilled to see Mordecai. Calvin has issues with butterflies.
Heartstrings Rocky remembers Mordecai and has heard stories about him. Mordecai knew Rocky was in the band. Mordecai took the guns. Mordecai worked with Viktor for years, tried to get him to retire, ended up kneecapping him. Asa used to be a nice guy, claims he still is. Asa has infringed on LD\'s trade routes. Asa is at the behest of his employer, agreements were with Atlas, not Mitzi.
Loggerheads Asa tried to warn Atlas about...? Warns Mitzi to back down. Rocky and Freckle are not sophisticated. Asa thinks Mitzi is trying to put things how they used to be. Invites Mitzi to play at the Marigold Room. She played a ukelele with the band. Mitzi doesn\'t plan to back down.
Interloper Mitzi plans to muscle back into old territory. Mordecai surprises Mitzi in the car.
Hamstring Mordecai didn\'t know about Asa warning Atlas...did it happen? Mordecai doesn\'t have a high opinion of Asa. Mordecai killed a \"mouthpiece\" earlier. Marigold has a thorn in its side, Mordecai doesn\'t know why. Asa thinks he knows something about how Atlas died, but he doesn\'t? Mordecai didn\'t tell Asa anything about Atlas\'s death, but knows things himself, as does Mitzi.
Monomania Mordecai over-analyzes matters regarding Asa? Asa doesn\'t explain things to Mordecai, claims he can\'t. Mordecai feels Mitzi is partly culpable for what happened to Atlas, enough to destroy LD. Mordecai doesn\'t think Mitzi can do anything but disgrace LD. No love lost there.
Haggersnash Rocky can cheer Mitzi up, she asks him to keep his distance from Mordecai. Asks Rocky to ask Viktor where to procure suplies. Mitzi is going to Wick\'s, which un-thrills Rocky.Rocky does not like Wick.
Grindstone Wick adds alcohol to his coffee.
Retinue Wick has a gun collection. Rocky continues being a jerk to Wick.
Balderdash Wick has a lot of cars. Rocky tries to convince Wick that Mitzi killed Atlas. Wick doesn\'t believe Mitzi would harm a fly, but Rocky makes an impression that she knows people who would do it for her (him, for instance).
Doublet Mitzi wants Wick to be a 40% partner. Wick is clearly rattled by what Rocky said when Mitzi hits on him.
Drollery Mitzi jokes about hiring someone to kill Rocky after Wick tells her why he\'s nervous. Wick doesn\'t seem entirely reassured.
Veracity Mitzi claims she loved Atlas, wasn\'t involved with his death and doesn\'t like to discuss it. Photomaton machine.
Photomajig Mitzi gets a little aggressive with Wick.
Academia Rocky thinks with Wick around Mitzi won\'t need him, is superfluous to the band and will be given the boot. Rocky and Calvin visit academia to grab Ivy so Viktor won\'t kill Rocky. Ivy is deliberately failing English Comp. to stay in St. Louis. Chad doesn\'t want to see Ivy.
Bee-line Struggle-buggy. Ivy knows that Rocky\'s responsible for last night\'s debacle. Ivy already visited Viktor; he\'s listless. She turned on the radio for him and gave him Vogue.
Cacophony Viktor breaks the radio just in time for a pounding on his door. Lives in dreary surroundings.
Deadeye Ivy practices something. Semester\'s almost over. Rocky\'s there to get better hooch. Viktor\'s in no mood for guests. Ivy isn\'t afraid to boss Viktor around. Viktor meets Calvin and it does -not- go well.
Dotage Mrs. Bapka is shown, upstairs neighbor. Viktor isn\'t thrilled to hear Ivy tell him he\'s falling apart...though he can\'t stand up.
Defiance Rocky thinks of himself as Viktor\'s protege? Rocky doesn\'t care for Bolsheviks? Viktor doesn\'t care for Rocky touching his eyepatch. Viktor thinks LD can get good booze in Defiance, MO.
Handyman Calvin\'s a good handyman. Ivy has trouble believing Calvin iced the farmers.
Sandwich Ivy doesn\'t know why Calvin associates with Rocky. Mrs. Bapka is senile enough to make ill-considered sandwiches.
Rhubarb Viktor has been intimidating Ivy\'s boyfriends. Ivy\'s exes include Chad, Claude and Cecil. Viktor doesn\'t think Ivy should stay around. Ivy isn\'t thrilled.
Gallivant Ivy has given up on Viktor.
Homestead Calvin does -not- want Ivy to meet Nina. Calvin and Rocky have work to do tomorrow night. Calvin will need a big coat for the heat. Rocky and Ivy go location-scouting.
Correspondence Rocky draws unflattering art. Nina is religious. Calvin has a large number of letters from Rocky.
Rocky\'s Letters
July 1921 Rocky staying with his uncle in Kankakee. Tending the grounds, wanting to learn how to drive a tractor.
21-Oct-21 On the Mo-Pacific railroad.
1/30/22 Working as a grill cook. Not great at it.
Undated Calvin eats potatoes. Rocky is in central OK. Wants to know whether Calvin has seen his dad, who hasn\'t been writing back.
Undated Working at a circus as a roustabout. It didn\'t go well and he\'s becoming an escapist?
August 1923 Circus didn\'t work out. Rocky got his fiddle. Wasps were inside it. Rocky can play Irish reel and Vivaldi.
4/22/24 Mountains somewhere?
Briar-patch Wick thinks they were all good years before 1920. All Wick knows about are rocks and bugs. Wick thinks he can out-drink Mitzi, and that she\'s trying to drink him into agreeing to her proposal. Wick was interested in Mitzi since before Atlas\'s death. Lucky Atlas didn\'t have him shot. Mitzi is not graceful when intoxicated.
Mephistopheles Wick wants things with Mitzi to work out, but not if it\'s contingent on business. He has a reputation and responsibilities, LD would be bad for those. Mitzi isn\'t thrilled. Wick isn\'t convinced Mitzi may not be trying to kill him, sort of. Turns down her business proposal.
Sneakthief Mitzi steals one of Wick\'s checks. Sable Stone & Quarry. Mitzi intimidates Lacy.
Chauffeur Mitzi and Wick part ways on awkward terms. Lacy wants to talk to Wick about Mitzi, thinks she\'s odd, rifled through her things then threatened her.
Mystique Zib is having trouble sleeping after what happened. \"Martini Mitzi\" can drink people twice her size under the table, no luck with Wick though.
Backalley Introduction of Virgil, who tries to mug Zib and Mitzi with a can opener. Zib calls him a friend but has no money to give him. Zib isn\'t thrilled by Mitzi\'s blank check. Jungerman Loan Office. Mitzi thinks Wick is too nice to seek reprisals.
Vestige Zib has trouble taking Mitzi\'s money; she\'d said it wouldn\'t be like this, betraying friends for cash. Mitzi sold the house, cars, wedding china. First thing Atlas ever gave Mizi is her necklace, after she did the Mata Hari song. Atlas made her feel like a lady. Zib thinks of it as a leash. Zib accidentally breaks the necklace, but doesn\'t initially help her.
Mata Hari Zib asks her to leave the necklace, leave town with the band. Mitzi and Zib -obviously- have backstory. Virgil interrupts going after the pearls.
Knee-jerk Mitzi attacks Virgil for going after the pearls.
Blood-money Mitzi wants Zib to just take the money and gets irritated when he doesn\'t. Zib never expressed qualms about the source before, thinks Wick is their last friend, considers Atlas a villain but never thought of Mitzi that way. Zib found Mary Ellen in Georgia as a \"sleepy-eyed little girl\". Mitzi isn\'t moved, Zib takes the cash. Virgil\'s lost a tooth.
Scapegoat Zib hates Atlas for knowing he\'d stick around if Mitzi did. Atlas collected strays, desperate people for whom he was solid ground. Wants to get out of \"here\". Shares a flask with Virgil, cops show up. Zib handles them poorly, drinking the flask then mouthing off.
Misdemeanor Zib is Dorian Zibowski. Outstanding bench warrant for being picked up at a hop house and missing his court date. Police took Zib\'s cash. Introduction of Dom Drago. This is a holiday weekend. Drago says Zib will get his money back if it\'s on the level.
Revenuer Zib was carrying a good chunk of cash considering his appearance. Intros himself as a sax player and Dom suspects he\'s with Marigold. Dom doesn\'t think a sax player could work anywhere other than a gin joint. Zib doesn\'t think he\'d meet Marigold\'s dress code. Dom finds and recognizes Zib\'s LD pin. Calls LD a \"vanquished empire\", didn\'t realize they still exist. Zib says LD hasn\'t been so lucky for him. Dom Drago introduces himself, he\'s with the Treasury Department. Dom isn\'t interested in him, bigger problems to deal with. Zib tosses his LD pin down a drain.