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The Lackadaisy Speakeasy is an underground bootlegging operation established by Atlas May in 1920.[1] By 1927, following Atlas's death, Lackadaisy is in extreme decline and is owned by Mitzi, Atlas's widow. [2]

"Growltiger" establishes that one can reach Lackadaisy via a secret door in the pantry of the Little Daisy Cafe, located at surface level immediately above Lackadaisy. There is also a trapdoor in the Little Daisy garage that can be used to get into Lackadaisy.[3]

At the beginning of the comic, Lackadaisy retains few patrons. Horatio is working as a doorman, while Viktor is employed as a makeshift bartender and Rocky performs odd jobs. Wick remains a patron.


The Lackadaisy pin is a lapel pin worn by those who work at or otherwise have been invited to Lackadaisy. The pin is in the shape of the suit of clubs.[1]. In "Surreption", Ivy gives Freckle a Lackadaisy pin.


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