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The Lackadaisy Speakeasy is an underground bootlegging operation established by Atlas May in 1920.[1] By 1927, following Atlas's death, Lackadaisy is in extreme decline and is owned by Mitzi, Atlas's widow. [2] Dom Drago, a Treasury Department agent, refers to Lackadaisy as a "vanquished empire" and expresses surprise that it might still exist in "Revenuer".

"Growltiger" establishes that one can reach Lackadaisy via a secret door in the pantry of the Little Daisy Cafe, located at surface level immediately above Lackadaisy. There is also a trapdoor in the Little Daisy garage that can be used to get into the caverns connected to Lackadaisy.[3]

At the beginning of the comic, Lackadaisy retains few patrons. Horatio is working as a doorman, while Viktor is employed as a makeshift bartender and Rocky performs odd jobs. Wick remains a patron.

Lackadaisy has at least one craps table.[4]


Lackadaisy is built within and adjacent to a number of limestone caverns.[1]. The caverns themselves are first properly seen in "Deadlock". There are at least three passages adjacent to each other. One appears to terminate at a closed door; the storeroom is located off a passage to the immediate left. "Echolalia" establishes that behind the locked door are a number of bones, including some that belong to people; Avery, one of the pig farmers, speculates that some of the bones may belong to peccaries.


The Lackadaisy pin is a lapel pin worn by those who work at or otherwise have been invited to Lackadaisy. The pin is in the shape of the suit of clubs.[1]. In "Surreption", Ivy gives Freckle a Lackadaisy pin. In "Revenuer", Zib tosses his pin down a drain while he is under arrest, shortly after a conversation with Dom Drago in which the latter has determined that Zib is associated with Lackadaisy but expresses a willingness to overlook the fact because he has larger targets at present.


In "Malarkey", Mitzi mentions a storeroom, reachable via the caverns, where firearms are kept. Retreating from the pig farmers, Mitzi, Freckle, Rocky and Zib run for the storeroom in "Skedaddle". The storeroom is located behind Lackadaisy's stage, to the left.[5] "Deadlock" reveals that the storeroom has been unlocked and emptied of firearms...and cleaned...sometime prior.


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