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| {{I|Mitzi}}
| {{I|Mitzi}}
| Human Mitzi, in color.
| Human Mitzi, in color.
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| {{I|Les Barons}}
| Nico, Mordecai and Serafine as aspects of Baron Samedi.

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This is a list of the artwork featured in the "Illustrations" section of the Gallery section. A brief description and significance to the overall storyline is included.

Name of Illustration Description
"Filmflam" Early incarnations of Mitzi, Freckle and Rocky.
"Wingding" Tracy's first painting of a car, Model A Ford from the late 1920s. Mitzi, Freckle and Rocky.
"Sockdolager" Colored comic panel of Rocky with the farmers' burning house in background.
"Voodoo" Mordecai, Serafine and Nico. Serafine's in an atypical costume.
"Wintertime" Mitzi and Wick, Viktor and Ivy, Rocky and Freckle.
"Nouveau" Mitzi in art nouveau style.
"Butterfly" Freckle's butterfly-phobia explained.
"Cardshark" The Lackadaisy regulars in playing card format.
"Harlequin" Rocky and Freckle as playing cards.
"Paperback" Front cover art for Lackadaisy Book 1
"Scrapbook" Various pictures and information regarding the Lackadaisy characters.
"Clockwork" Mordecai as a human.
"Syncopators" Zib, Rocky and the rest of the band.
"Perennial" Ivy as a human.
"Rocky" The real Rocky.
"Clockwise" Wick as a human.
"Regalia" Color artwork for buttons.
"Counterpart" The human counterparts of the characters.
"Reverie" Zib as a human.
"Blueblood" Mitzi and Mordecai emerging from playing cards.
"Character Gallery" The revamped character gallery. Available as computer wallpaper here.
"Demon-rum" A human Serafine.
"Moonshine" A picture of Rocky, intended for the back cover of Volume 2.
"Mitzi" Human Mitzi, in color.
"Les Barons" Nico, Mordecai and Serafine as aspects of Baron Samedi.