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Dom Drago
Dom Drago in "Revenuer"
First appearance in comic


Dom Drago[1] is an agent with the Treasury Department.[2] He first appears in "Misdemeanor".

In the comic

Volume 2

In "Misdemeanor", Dom Drago overhears police officers talking about having stolen Zib's money while Zib is in a holding cell. Zib had intended to use the money to post bail for himself and Virgil. Dom tells Zib that he would be unlikely to find a judge to arraign him before the holiday weekend, but that he will get his money back provided it is on the level, the latter statement making it clear that Dom is superior to the cops. Dom notes, in "Revenuer", that it is peculiar that Zib would have a large amount of cash given his appearance; Zib notes that he has a job as a saxophone player. That statement leads Dom to ask Zib whether he works for Marigold. Zib seems to be surprised by the insinuation that he works for a gin joint, but Dom asks where else a saxophone player would find employment; Zib concedes the point. Dom then notices Zib's Lackadaisy pin and seems almost amused, referring to Lackadaisy as, "the vanquished empire", and expressing surprise that it would still be in business. Zib claims that he is a gambler and the pin represents his preference for clubs, though he goes on to note that it has not been lucky for him lately. Dom tells Zib his name and that he works for the Treasury Department, and that he will overlook Zib's particular circumstances because he has larger targets currently before departing.




Dom is depicted as a human in "Dom".


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