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Defiance, Missouri is an unincorporated community in Saint Charles County, Missouri. It was named in the late 1800s.[1] Defiance is located approximately 40 miles west of St. Louis.[2] Ivy has described it as a "cornfield-mosquito-ranch in the middle of nowhere".[3]

In the comic

Volume 2

In "Defiance", Viktor tells Rocky that he can procure quality alcohol in Defiance. Rocky and Ivy journey to a farm located in Defiance in "Begorra", finding a spring house filled with bottles of liquor. There is a cemetary located near the farm, as shown in "Dead-run".

Rocky and Ivy are chased by a hearse before they can enter the spring house, and Rocky is injured and rendered unconscious during the pursuit. It is revealed that there were two men in the car; the passenger refers to the driver as an "ordained maniac" in "Haymaker".


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