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*[[Dom Drago]] - An agent for the [[Treasury Department]].
*[[Dom Drago]] - An agent for the [[Treasury Department]].
*[[Nina]] - [[Freckle]]'s mother and [[Rocky]]'s aunt.
*[[Nina]] - [[Freckle]]'s mother and [[Rocky]]'s aunt.
*[[Pig farmers]] - A bootlegging group that Rocky comes into conflict with.

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This is a list of the primary characters in Lackadaisy. There's also a list of minor characters.


  • Atlas May - the former owner of the Little Daisy Cafe and Lackadaisy. Mitzi's husband, his death in 1926 is the launching point for the comic.
  • Calvin "Freckle" McMurray - Rocky's cousin and Ivy's romantic interest. His passive demeanor in most circumstances is inversely proportional to his viciousness when wielding a weapon.
  • Ivy Pepper - Atlas and Mitzi's goddaughter. Her interest in Freckle will lead him to come to Lackadaisy at a fortuitous time.
  • Mitzi May - Atlas's widow and the current owner of Little Daisy and Lackadaisy.
  • Roark "Rocky" Rickaby - A violinist for Zib's band and Mitzi's current errand boy. Rocky has never met a situation he could not make more interesting.
  • Viktor - A former trigger-man until an incident with Mordecai reduced Viktor to the role of Lackadaisy's bartender, he remains a force to be reckoned with.
  • Sedgewick "Wick" Sable - One of Lackadaisy's few remaining patrons. Wick is a wealthy man whose interests include rocks, women and alcohol. Mitzi approaches Wick with a proposition.
  • Dorian "Zib" Zibowsi - A cool cat with his own band.


  • Asa Sweet - Atlas's friend and business associate/rival. Asa is currently working with an unidentified third party.
  • Mordecai Heller - A former trigger-man for Lackadaisy, now working for Marigold.
  • Nicodeme "Nico" and Serafine Savoy - Siblings who work for Marigold performing various and sundry tasks, many of which involve violence.