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Bobby Bastion
First appearance in comic

Spouse(s) Elsa

Bobby Bastion[1] is a resident of Defiance who previously worked with Atlas. He operates the Arbogast Funeral Home with Abelard and Elsa, his wife.

In the comic

Volume 2

Bobby first appears in "Haymaker", though he is not named until "Undertaker". He is a passenger in the hearse while Abelard is driving it in pursuit of Rocky and Ivy, ultimately striking Rocky in "Haymaker". After getting out of the hearse, Bobby refers to Abelard as an "ordained maniac", and points out that the hearse has been significantly damaged during the chase. Bobby seems less concerned with the possibility that Ivy and Rocky may still be in the area than with the damage to the car. Ivy threatens Abelard and his associate with a gun that she took from their hearse in "Jellybeans", though after Bobby indicates that he believes Ivy and Rocky are just trying to steal their liquor, Ivy points out that they intended to purchase it. However, Bobby states that their simply being present is now an issue. In "Brimstone", Abelard advances on Ivy and demands that she give him the gun, but quickly backs down when she fires several bullets into the hearse. Ivy asks them what it will take to convince them that they are all on the same side, and Bobby asks what bootleggers Ivy is affiliated with.

In "Undertaker", Bobby and Abelard take Ivy and Rocky's unconscious body to the Arbogast Funeral Home. Elsa asks about Rocky, and it is quickly made clear that she and Bobby are close. Bobby asks Elsa to tend to Rocky's head wound, and in "Medicament" reveals that he met Elsa overseas shortly after World War I. He goes on to tell Elsa that Ivy claimed she was sent to them by Viktor, and the three of them discuss their past associations with Lackadaisy. While Elsa considers Atlas to have been, "mild, softspoken", Bobby seems dubious, referring to Atlas as, "softspoken and positively Machiavellian", especially when in the company of Viktor and Mordecai. In "Gravediggers", Bobby continues to relate the story of their involvement with Lackadaisy, though he is cut off by Elsa, who asks him not to tell Ivy more "awful stories". However, Ivy is eager to hear more, and Bobby continues his story.

In "Bookkeeper", Bobby tells Ivy that he believes Mordecai began keeping books for grifters and gamblers in New York City when he was very young. At some point this went awry, as Atlas found Mordecai while the latter was riding a getaway train towards Chicago or Detroit, and being pursued by unhappy associates of his. Bobby also notes that Mordecai has always been lacking in the social graces; there are rumors that Mordecai may have a bullet fragment in his skull that is responsible for his condition. Bobby continues his ruminations in "Powder-keg"- he never asked Mordecai directly whether the rumors were true, but believes that Atlas viewed Mordecai's social issues as an asset, and was heavily involved in getting Mordecai settled and working for him in St. Louis. Bobby proceeds to talk about Viktor, noting that he believes Viktor, like many others, was traumatized by his experiences during World War I and was drawn to conflict upon his return to the United States. Bobby tells more about Viktor's background to Ivy in "Transgression": according to him, Viktor went on to be involved in a confrontation between dockworkers, strikebreakers and the authorities after some union leaders were arrested as a result of Palmer Raids. Bobby states that according to Atlas, it was during this confrontation that Viktor lost his right eye. This confrontation drew Viktor to Atlas's attention, as he had been at the docks on unrelated business. Atlas found a lawyer who arranged for Viktor's release after a reduced time in prison. Afterwards, Viktor worked for Atlas to pay off his debt, then continued to work for Atlas because he had no place else to go. Bobby relates more of Viktor and Mordecai's pasts to Ivy in "Bygones", until Abelard cuts him off. Ivy asks them to go into business with Lackadaisy again, but they flatly refuse.

Bobby and Abelard explain to Ivy in "Coercion" that they are now working for Marigold, who insist on exclusivity. By threatening them with Viktor's retaliation for their wounding of Rocky, she convinces them to negotiate.


Tracy stated that Bobby is from Bristol, in southwest England, though he moved to the United States after performing military service during World War I.[2][1] He currently works as a mortician and is married to Elsa.[1] Bobby is about 40 years old.[3]

Bobby is depicted in color on the new character page.


A human Bobby is depicted with Elsa in "Bobby and Elsa".