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Asa Sweet
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Asa Sweet[1] is affiliated with Marigold. Mordecai, and Nico and Serafine Savoy work under him, though Asa himself is responsible to unknown parties. While Asa considered Atlas a friend, and had an arrangement with Lackadaisy, since Atlas's death relations with Lackadaisy have disintegrated.

In the comic

Asa first appears at a speakeasy located in the Hotel Maribel in "Cutthroat". It quickly becomes clear that Mordecai, Nico and Serafine are his underlings. Regarding Nico and Serafine, Asa several times uses phrases like, "we set about acquiring them", making it clear that Asa is in league with and possibly subordinate to a third party. Asa's agenda is unclear, though he tells Mordecai that Nico and Serafine's efficiency has allowed, "us to focus...on other ventures".

In "Vaudevillian", Mordecai and Asa discuss their agenda further, but Asa claims that he does not have any additional information for Mordecai; he is essentially a "messenger". They proceed to meet with Avril, one of the pig farmers, in Asa's office. After Avril describes the destruction of the pig farm by Rocky, and points out that Marigold has been using the farm to dispose of bodies but has not paid the farmers, Asa agrees to lend them, "some very indirect assistance".

Apperance and personality

Asa tends to come across affably. He dresses well but casually, perhaps to put those he is dealing with at ease while maintaining some formality. He has described himself as a night manager to Mordecai, noting that with regards to their current agenda it means little more than messenger.[1]

Asa has stated that he uses jokes to cheer himself up.[2]




As of "Cutthroat", Mordecai is subordinate to Asa. He is apparently not a new employee, though of late he has been working with Nico and Serafine a great deal. In "Vaudevillian", Asa refers to Mordecai as his shadow. When Mordecai asks Asa for more information regarding their agenda, Asa claims that he does not know any more than Mordecai does. Asa is also surprised that Mordecai fell for "the hatchet joke", implying that he was not aware that Mordecai was not from the St. Louis area.

Nico and Serafine

As of "Cutthroat", Nico and Serafine are both in Asa's employ. He tells Mordecai that, "we dredged them out of the bayous", where they had been working for a small bootlegging operation. Asa and his associates consequently hired them and they have proven very efficient.

Pig farmers

"Vaudevillian" establishes that Asa is familiar with the pig farmers, though he appears to disdain them somewhat, referring to them as, "bumpkins".


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