Arbogast Funeral Home

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The Arbogast Funeral Home is the home and workplace of Abelard, Bobby and Elsa. It first appears in "Undertaker". As Abelard's surname is Arbogast[1], it is possible the funeral home is named for him.

The basement of the funeral home contains an embalming room.[2]

In the comic

Volume 2

In "Gravediggers", Bobby relates the story of the funeral home's involvement with Lackadaisy - during the early days of Prohibition, when Atlas was still developing his empire, he arranged, possibly with Ruby's help, to have trains arriving in Defiance loaded with liquor. Bobby, Abelard and Elsa would store the liquor for Atlas. At some point, "cattle rustling, train robbing rabble" began to rob from them, going so far as to shoot their organ player. Atlas in turn brought Viktor and Mordecai to Defiance; upon catching one of the rabble, they began burying him alive until he provided them with further information - the liquor that the rabble was stealing was in turn being sold to "boys from the city", who were involved in a turf war with Marigold. At this point Bobby is cut off by Elsa, who asks him not to tell Ivy more "awful stories", though Ivy is eager to hear more.