Lackadaisy Photomajig
Photomatons - documenting jackassery since 1926.  Unfortunately, they didn't have curtains on them back then, and if my research is not mistaken, attendants would even stand by and suggest poses for the subjects.

I should note that the photo dimensions are not accurate, however.  As a matter of artistic license, I fudged them.

I should probably also be fined for gratuitous use of photo booth, but I'll attempt to excuse myself on the basis that photographs are a running theme here.  Something about the fact that picture-taking was becoming a much less formal affair in the 1920s delights me.  With the popularization of things like the photo booth and Brownie camera, private photography was no longer relegated to dour-faced portraiture and memento mori (one sort easily being confused for the other at a glance).  Life seems suddenly more acutely present in picture-relics of that era.
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